For the last two years, I’ve been maintaining a policy of posting all new stories at BDSMLR ( A new post appears there each and every day, providing a mix of new content and older reblogs.

Over the last few days, BDSMLR has been experiencing significant problems that render the majority of the site inaccessible to some or all users. Prior to that, it has been experiencing ongoing minor problems since mid-December.

While I hope for a speedy recovery for BDSMLR, and intend to continue posting new work there once it recovers, now is probably a good time to remind you of all the other places where you can read All These Roadworks content.


The best way to read new content is to become an All These Roadworks member. There are two tiers of membership – Stories and Premium – and they both give you early access to every new publicly-posted All These Roadworks story, delivered via Dropbox in PDF format with an attractive cover.

In addition, Premium Members gain access to a rotating library of 18 free e-books, plus weekly exclusive chapters of ongoing serialised stories.

And best of all, you’re supporting me to continue creating new content.

(Check out memberships in the shop here.)


The All These Roadworks library currently contains 37 regular story collections and novellas, two full-length novels, and one premium story collection of work never published anywhere else.

You can buy all these books right here at the e-shop – and if you’re going to buy a book, I’d prefer you buy it here, as I get a much larger cut of the profits. A single purchase here gives you access to both PDF and EPUB versions. You can also get many of the books in bundles, or in audiobook format. (Check out the ATR e-shop.)

But if you’d prefer, you can also find a smaller range of my books (available in EPUB format only) on Amazon (link) and Smashwords (link). You can expect to see new books appearing on these platforms over coming weeks.

Free content, regularly updated

If you can’t afford to pay for your erotica, never fear – I publish free content on a range of other sites. The following sites are regularly receiving new content as at this writing.

  • newTumbl – I am currently publishing ALL new stories to newTumbl. In order to view my content there, you will need to create an account, and set it to allow explicit content. The queue there is running about a month behind BDSMLR, so if you were up to date on BDSMLR it will take a while before you see new content there. (View ATR on newTumbl.)
  • MCStories (The Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive) – I regularly submit hypno/mind control content to MCStories. This is a much smaller subset of my work, and all hypno/mc themed. (View ATR on MCStories.)
  • Read Only Mind (ROM) – This is a new site focused on hypno/mind control erotica. It’s very promising and it’s run by some nice people. I’m intermittently adding new content here, but again it’s only a small subset of my work. I recommend the site, though. (View ATR on Read Only Mind.)
  • Reddit – I only rarely post on Reddit these days, because the Reddit quarantine policy and the relatively small size of erotica subreddits make it a poor investment, but occasionally new stuff does go up. (View ATR on Reddit.)
  • Warp My Mind – Again, just hypno/MC stories here. The interface is a bit of a nightmare on this site so it’s awkward to post new content – and I can’t even link you to my “profile” there, or a list of my stories, as that doesn’t appear to be a thing you can do. But my work is there, and I consented to that. (Visit Warp My Mind.)

Older sites that still host my content

The following sites are still legally hosting some of my content, and you’re welcome to read it there, but I’m not posting new work there or promoting them because their policies make it basically impossible to monetise or profit from supporting them.

  • Literotica
  • XNXX/Sex Stories

Nowhere else

As of 1 February 2021, if you see my work elsewhere, or at a domain name that isn’t one of the above, then it’s not an authorised reproduction, and I’d encourage you to avoid it. So much of my stuff is deliberately free, there’s no reason to get it somewhere dodgy. If you think it’s somewhere I can do something about it – particularly if they’re charging money – feel free to report it, but otherwise don’t worry about it.

And, as always, if you know of a site with a strong community that would like to read my work, is okay with my content, and which allows me to refer interested fans back to my e-shop, then drop me a line at

Thanks for reading. Keep enjoying my work!

– All These Roadworks
1 February 2021

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