Just dropping a quick note to let you know that I am now officially publishing the EPUB versions of some of my books on Amazon and Smashwords, beginning with A Woman’s Work – Stories of Workplace Degradation. (View this book in the ATR shop.)

This EPUB edition is significantly improved over the version I’ve been offering so far, and better and more professionally formatted for maximum compatibility with e-readers. Rather than being a straight conversion of the PDF version of the book, this new EPUB version has been rebuilt from the ground up for EPUB readers, and you should find it’s even more enjoyable to read than the old version.

Customers who have previously purchased A Woman’s Work as either a standalone book, or as part of The Systemic Bundle or Collector’s Bundle #1, can redownload the product using their original link to receive the new updated EPUB edition.

The PDF version of A Woman’s Work is unaffected.

My books on Amazon and Smashwords are priced at $3.99 USD, to maintain parity with this site. I expect more books to receive the same EPUB upgrade, followed by listing on Amazon on Smashwords, probably in order of book number. (So “Laid Bare” would be the next release.)

Please note: Although I am selling books on Amazon and Smashwords, I very much prefer you to buy your books directly from AllTheseRoadworks.com. It’s exactly the same product, but I get a *much* larger cut of the profits. You support me best by buying from me direct. But at the end of the day, if your preference is to deal with a third-party site, that option is now available.

I’m largely letting you know about this news because I previously had troubles with people selling my books on those sites without permission, and I had responded by saying that there were no legal copies of my books on those site. Now there are!

(You can get “A Woman’s Work” on Smashwords by clicking here.)

(You can get “A Woman’s Work” on Amazon by clicking here.)

Once again, my strong preference is that you buy directly from AllTheseRoadworks.com. (View the shop.)

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