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Emma’s Policy tells the story of a female executive who is blackmailed into becoming the test subject for a new program of female submission at the monolithic company she works for.

As her power vanishes, Emma learns to call men “sir”, to dress like a slut, and to submit to the sexual harassment and degradation of men who she was once in charge of.

This edition of Emma’s Policy collects all 13 chapters of the saga, with a total page count of 83 pages.

At the time of publication, the final chapter of this book has NOT been published to any free site! Read it here first!

PLUS this edition also includes an exclusive excerpt from Emma’s employee file!

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.

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2 thoughts on “New E-book: Emma’s Policy

    1. Hi Jeferson!

      “Emma’s Policy” is not a mind control / hypno story, and will therefore not be appearing at MCStories.com.

      However, good news! You don’t need to be from the USA to buy. My books are available to everyone aged 18 and over. If you possess a credit card or a Paypal account you should have no trouble buying from the online shopfront on this site. If you have any difficult, please contact me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com – however, be aware that for reasons of age verification I cannot offer direct sales except through Paypal.

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