It’s getting late in September, but not too late for a monthly update on the status of All These Roadworks erotic fiction and content delivered to members.

Personal update

Not much to update here. Everything is much as it was last month. Australia is doing okay for COVID, save for Victoria, which has had an awful time but seems to be on the mend. Where I am, restrictions are light and there are no active cases. I am very grateful that (although I don’t greatly approve of our federal government) the response to COVID throughout Australia has largely been sensible, cautious, and effective, as demonstrated by a staggeringly low death toll compared to countries with less evidence-driven approaches to the disease.

Some personal stresses impacted work in the first half of the month, but those seem to be improving.

What did members get in August?

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Early Access

In August, I made the following available to members through Dropbox:

  • 25 all-new stories (all members);
  • 18 reblogs (all members);
  • 4 premium chapters of Hailey’s Training and/or Impregnating Layla (Premium Members only),


All members received four new e-books in August:

  • Weird Science – Stories of Erotic Experiments (3rd edition) (view in shop)
  • The Taming of the Brat – Stories of Rebellion and Discipline (2nd edition) (view in shop)
  • Systems of Control – Stories of Erotic Oppression (all new!) (view in shop)
  • Born To Breed – Stories of Impregnation (all new!) (view in shop)

Other content

I posted the Reality Check article “10 Things to Expect From A Dom” (link). A PDF copy of this is also available to all members.

Premium Members received access to an additional library of 18 e-books (see below).

Premium Member library schedule

As previously notified, here is the schedule of e-books available to Premium Members in September, and the scheduled rotation for October and November. All members, including Premium Members, also gain access to all new e-books released each month.

Site News

August built upon July’s success to set a new record for the most profitable month for All These Roadworks ever – thank you everyone! However, at this stage September sales appear to be substantially down, so I’m treating July/August as a temporary peak rather than a sign of ongoing growth.

It’s hard to identify specific factors driving the August sales. The newer books did very well, as did The Hypno Bundle (link), but I can’t point to a single factor responsible for the boosted sales. I guess you were just all very horny in August!

Key referrers to continue to be BDSMLR and MCStories.

Other sites


My main internet presence outside of continues to be on BDSMLR, which hosts all new stories, with a story published every day. The developers there are supportive, with new improvements every day, but it’s still a fairly janky site in a lot of ways. However, it has a fairly huge userbase, my content is unambiguously welcome there, and it has the tools I need to format and queue posts, so I’m not in danger of minimising it any time soon.

Links – a BDSMLR account may be required before you can view content:
– Blog page (
– Feed page (
(Both these pages display the same posts, but in a different layout)


Last month I started an account on newTumbl, and I’m publishing a post every day on that site. It’s on largely the same schedule as BDSMLR, but a week or so behind, so if you’re a BDSMLR reader, don’t worry that you’re missing anything.

It has a very small userbase compared to BDSMLR, and I’ve only picked up about 140 followers so far, but it has an attractive interface that’s easy to use – in fact, so easy that republishing my posts from BDSMLR only takes a couple of clicks – so I’m sticking with it for the time being.

If you’re a reader on newTumbl, please share and reblog my posts there. I get a lot of likes on that platform, but almost zero reblogs, and reblogs are the key to new readers finding me!



I continue to regularly make new content available on MCStories (the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive), and it generates a lot of referrals.

The reasons you don’t see even more stuff there are:
* it’s for mind-control stories only;
* it enforces a minimum word count, so longer stories only; and
* I don’t have direct control over my content there – I email stories to the site manager, and he publishes them manually on his schedule.

Still, I’ve had only good experiences with them and I recommend the site.

 AllTheseRoadworks at MCStories


I’m still posting occasionally and intermittently on Reddit. You can find me in r/sexystories, r/rapestories (currently quarantined, but lively), and r/eroticliterature.

If you know of any other subreddits that have at least a couple of thousand members and would enjoy my stories, please let me know.

– u/AllTheseRoadworks


As discussed last month, I no longer have content on CHYOA. The site is exploitative of its creators, subsisting on Patreon money while preventing its content creators from reasonably monetising their own work, and I have closed my account there.


I am not currently publishing content on any other sites. I still have accessible content on XNXX and Literotica, but I’m not publishing more because, in the case of XNXX, there are huge delays on publishing and editing stories arising from its moderation system, and in the case of Literotica, their author monetisation policies are exploitative (see CHYOA above).

If you see me anywhere else, it’s not an authorised publication.

I continue to be interested in hearing about new sites where I can post my content and appropriately monetise it. Let me know if you have leads. (Email to

Story Requests

As previously discussed, since earlier this year I am no longer selling story requests, either directly or as a right of membership.

However, I have been reaching out to Premium Members to offer complimentary requests, with no fixed timetable for delivery, attempting to offer one request per month of membership to those who are still Premium Members today.

I have covered all requests through to the end of June (except one) and recently reached out to those who were members in July 2020 to see what they’d like. If you were a Premium Member in July, and haven’t yet had a story request logged against that month, please get in touch and let me know what you’d like. (Make sure to check out the Story Request FAQ first.)


As part of the process of writing gender-degradation and non-consent erotica in a responsible way, I have committed to donating at least 5% of the site profits each month to a women’s charity combating domestic violence, unsafe housing and/or sexual assault. (See this post for more info.)

At the start of September I donated an amount of $205 AUD (about $147 USD) to a registered charity providing homelessness support, drug and alcohol support, and domestic violence support to vulnerable women. Total donations since the donation program started now exceed $1,300 AUD ($918 USD).

COVID-19 is putting a lot of pressure on domestic violence services right now, due to new stresses in relationships, and increased impacts on victims in abusive relationships having to spend more time with their partners. Now is a great time to make a donation to a domestic violence charity in your area if you have the ability to do so.


Thank you to everyone who reads, supports and purchases my work. My livelihood now literally depends on you, and every interaction is appreciated!

Remember – buying my products is the best way to show your appreciation, but you can also support me by:
reblogging my content on BDSMLR and newTumbl;
upvoting and commenting on Reddit;
talking about and linking to my stories or website in communities of consenting kinky adults;
spotting typos in published stories or e-books and reporting them to me by email or on BDSMLR.

Plus if you have a professional skillset that could help me or improve the ATR experience, I’d always love to hear from you.

Thanks again! And keep enjoying!

– All These Roadworks
September 2020

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