NOTE: Since April 2020, story requests are no longer available until further notification. They are not included in a Premium Membership and are not available for individual purchase.

This page is preserved for archival purposes or for when requests are resumed.


(Historical information only.)

Members at the Premium Membership subscription tier receive, as a perk, the chance to make one story request per month of membership.

Individual story requests are also sometimes made available directly through the shop.

Here’s how it works.

How do I make a request?

If you are a premium member with an unused request, or if you have purchased a story request through the shop, email your request to

What can I request?

I accept three kinds of request.

(1) A sequel to an existing story.
“Please write a sequel to Four Keys to Happiness.”
“Please write another chapter to Esme’s Interrogation.”

(2) A story themed on a particular kink.
“Please write a brother-sister blackmail story.”
“Please write a workplace humiliation hypno story.”

(3) Name a character in an upcoming story and give them two attributes.
(“Attributes” could be hair colour, body shape, job, hobbies, accent, their kinks, or any other distinguishing feature.)
“Please write a girl called Rita, and she’s shy and works as a receptionist.”
“Please write a guy called Steve, and he’s got long black hair and likes blondes.”

What can’t I request? Do you ever reject requests?

I will not judge you for making a request I can’t fulfil, so if you want to ignore this paragraph and just send me your idea, then go for it. Otherwise, read on.

I reserve the right to reject any request, without providing reasons. In the event that I reject a request, I’ll discuss alternatives with you. If we can’t agree on a story you want to request that I want to write, I’ll refund you the relevant month of membership. (This has never happened before, but that doesn’t mean I won’t need to do this in future.)

The following requests will be rejected outright:

(a) No kinks that you haven’t seen me write on BDSMLR. Specifically, but not exhaustively:
– no guro / gore / blood / snuff / amputee / dolcett / vore;
– no male submissives / bottoms;
– no sissy / crossdressing;
– no M/M stories;
– realistic drug use (i.e. “magical lust drugs” is okay, “heroin” is not);
– no scat / vomit;
– no watersports or bestiality (I’ve written these two in other fora but I don’t do them for BDSMLR).

(b) Please don’t ask me to write trans, intersex, or non-binary submissives. I have the greatest respect for readers that fall within these identities, and you’re wonderful, but people in these parts of the gender spectrum don’t fall within my kinks – or at least not when that identity is part of what’s being fetishised for the purpose of a story – and I don’t feel I can write such a story satisfyingly. But you’re most welcome to read any existing woman in a story as a trans woman if you choose to. If you *really* want a trans, intersex or non-binary dom / domme in a story, feel free to propose it, but no promises.

(c) Nothing illegal (in my jurisdiction, your jurisdiction, or WordPress’ jurisdiction) or which I consider unethical. Specifically, but not exhaustively:
– no paedophilia – it’s illegal, even in text fiction (plus, not interested);
– no non-consensual real-person porn;
– no political statements or attacks – I’m okay with doing gender degradation / oppression / gender traitor kinks, but they’re kinks, not politics;
– nothing that might reasonably be taken as incitement to real-life crimes.

The following requests may be rejected, depending on my mood:

(c) Requests for a sequel where I don’t feel the story has room for a sequel, or where I’m otherwise completely uninspired. (However, you’re welcome to request a “spiritual sequel” to a story – i.e. a similar type of scenario that’s not literally a continuation of the original.)

(d) Requests that are too specific. I need the story to be hot for me in order to write it. Overly-specific requests can leave me cold and unable to write.

(d) Certain kinks that I go hot-and-cold on, a non-exhaustive list of which includes:
– anal;
– mother-son incest;
– fanfiction / porn parody stories;
– drunk / inebriated.

Who gets requests? When do I accrue new requests? Do my requests expire?

Every person who holds a premium membership subscription on the first day of each month will accrue one story request.

You are welcome to email me your request in advance of it accruing, but I will finish all requests from the current month before writing any for the next month.

Unused requests expire after two months. So if you are a member on 1 June, and accrue a request, but don’t spend it, it will expire on 1 August.

This means you can have two outstanding unspent requests at a time. If this occurs you may make two requests at once, but please don’t ask for two chapters of the same story at once – I only commit to short stories.

Will you identify me as the person who requested the story?

No, all requests are anonymous. The story will be marked “This story was requested by an ATR member.” I may share the specific request that led to the story, providing it does not identify you or disclose any personal details about you.

How long will the story be?

Not less than 500 words. Beyond that, it’s entirely at my creative discretion.

In practice, backer-requested stories tend to be 500 to 2000 words.

When will you write my story?

If you get your request to me by the 14th day of the month in which it accrues, then barring unexpected circumstances, it will be written before the end of the month.

If your request is later, or I get sick or something else intervenes, your story will be written, at the latest, by the end of the month following the month in which it accrues.

What happens when my story is written?

(1) The story is queued to BDSMLR to publish within 2 to 14 days.
(2) A copy of the story in PDF format is immediately saved in the Google Drive member rewards folder under “Early Access”.
(3) You will be notified that the story is available via the email address associated with your WordPress profile (the account you created when you paid for your membership). If for any reason I can’t reach you at that address, I will try and contact you at the email address associated with your PayPal account.

If for any reason you are no longer a member at the time that the story is written, your story *will* still be written, and I’ll endeavour to contact you and provide the PDF either by email or through Google Drive.

Who owns the story once it’s written?

Full copyright to every story produced under this request system is owned by me, All These Roadworks. By submitting your story request, you relinquish all intellectual property rights relating to that idea. You do not hold any right to republish, sell, or redistribute the story.

I say that to cover my rights and make sure I’m not sued later. I don’t mind you sharing the PDF privately with friends or partners for personal entertainment; just don’t set up your own site to sell the document on to other people, or upload it to a torrent site, or put it on Amazon or something.

It also may be the case that other people like your story and want to request sequels to it. They’re 100% able to do so. I don’t quarantine stories to particular members. (Although I do prefer to keep all members happy and satisfied so far as reasonably possible.)

What if I don’t like the story once it’s done?

The short answer is: I’m sorry, but that’s the creative process. I promise to try to write a story you’ll enjoy, but I don’t promise to succeed.

The longer answer is: get in touch with me. I’m happy to make small changes if there’s one paragraph that bothers you, or a word choice that ruins it for you. Or at the very least I can get a better idea of what you like for next month.

But I write 20 to 30 stories a month. They’re flash fiction. I don’t have time to do multiple drafts, or keep consulting with a member until I get it right. I value you as members, but what you’re paying per month is less than an hour’s wage for me, so I have to structure my time accordingly.

I can say that almost all my members like the stories I write for them almost all the time, and that’s a pretty good result.

In a worst case scenario, if you’re really upset with the result, I’ll happily offer you a refund for the month of membership.

Okay, but how do I make a request?

I already answered this at the start, but to save you scrolling back up:

If you are a premium member with an unused request, email your request to

Thanks for your membership!