The story collection Star Potential – Stories From The Casting Couch has been updated to a new edition. (Check it out in the shop!)

The collection features stories of blushing actresses, degrading roles, and exploitative film and television.

The improvements to this new edition include:

  • Update to include story collection numbering.
  • Typos and errors fixed throughout.

The following new stories have been added to this edition to complete the “Slut Reserve” series:

  • Slut Reserve: Allie’s Abduction
  • Slut Reserve Finale

It also features an exclusive 3-page bonus interview with fictional actress Jenny Carren about her degrading role in a new film.

The total page count for the collection is now 67, an increase of 17 pages.

An EPUB version of the book is also provided on both Google Drive and in the direct purchase bundle. However, the PDF remains recommended as the highest-quality format.

People who have previously directly purchased this e-book can download the new edition from their existing download link. If you’ve lost your link, please contact me at and let me know the username or the email you used when making your original purchase.

The new edition has also been placed into this month’s story collection folder, and is therefore available to all current Stories and Premium Members on Google Drive.

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