EPUB Conversions

Good news! For those who prefer to read ATR e-books in EPUB format, there are now new books available in EPUB!

Converting the entire existing library into EPUB will take some time, but as of this writing you can enjoy nine books in EPUB. The books available are as follows:

These are NOT new editions – just EPUB versions of the existing books. (Although I did fix a typo in The Ternish Betrayal along the way and add series numbering to those that were missing it.) Versions of these titles available to members on Google Drive have been updated accordingly.

If you have previously direct-purchased these books from the shop, you can download the updates and EPUB versions for free, using the email you received when you made your purchase. If you’ve lost the email, or have any trouble downloading the EPUB, send me an email at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com and please include as much information as possible to help me identify your order.

All titles continue to be available in PDF, and I recommend the PDF as the most attractive format to read, where possible.

If you find a problem with an EPUB version or have advice on improving the EPUB formats, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will continue to convert old titles into EPUB over time, and all new books and editions will launch with EPUB versions available.

Typo Bounty on E-Books

In addition, until 31 July 2020, I am offering a bounty on spotting typos and other errors in my e-books. Spot any typo, report it to me, and win a voucher for one standard e-book of your choice in the shop! (Or a $3.99 discount on Golden Sins or Titcage.)

Here’s how to claim it:

Step 1) Find any eligible error in the most recent edition of an e-book.
Step 2) Contact me by private message on BDSMLR, or by email to all.these.roadworks@gmail.com
Step 3) If I confirm the typo, I’ll reply with your coupon code.
Step 4) Use the coupon code in the All These Roadworks shop to claim your free book!

What counts as an “eligible error”?

  • It must be either:
    (a) a typographical error (e.g. “dbor” instead of “door”);
    (b) an obviously misused word (e.g. “his” instead of “her”);
    (c) an obvious error of phrasing (e.g. “just desserts” instead of “just deserts”);
    (d) a significant continuity error (e.g. use of wrong character name, reference to wearing of clothing that has already been removed, etc);
    (e) a significant publication error (e.g. missing paragraph, story starting on wrong page, missing carriage return, etc); or
    (f) entirely at my discretion, any other fixable error brought to my attention.
  • It must be from an e-book. Pointing out errors on BDSMLR is appreciated, but I’m particularly looking to clean up the e-books right now.
  • It must be from the latest version of the e-book. Check your cover matches the version displaying in the shop.
  • You must be the first to report it. (At my discretion I may reward several people for the same typo, but I’m only promising a reward for the first.)

Rewards for this competition may be transferred to friends or followers if you don’t want to redeem them personally. So if you are already a Premium Member or already have all the e-books, please let me know about typos anyway!

Offer expires 31 July 2020.

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