A new full-length novel is available! (Check it out in the shop!)
(PDF / E-book only.)

Price: $9.99 USD

… okay, Titcage isn’t new. It was my very first story under the name All These Roadworks, originally serialised for free online. It’s been available as a full PDF to members since back when I was on Patreon.

BUT this is the very first time it’s been available as a stand-alone purchase, and I’ve cleaned it up into a much higher-quality format, packed with bonus content, to make it the best version of Titcage yet!

Titcage – A Novel presents the adventures of pretty teenager Claire, forced to perform work experience at a lobby group dedicated to the societal enslavement and degradation of women.

The content of Titcage is as extreme as my writing gets. It heavily features watersports, incest, impregnation, societal misogyny and oppression, forced lesbianism, hypnotic conditioning, and more. Be warned!

This new edition of Titcage is more than 230 pages long!

It features:

  • A new introduction by the author.
  • Typo fixes and readability improvements throughout.
  • Minor rewrites and expansions of some chapters.
  • New full-colour cover.
  • A bonus gallery of full-colour posters detailing the Titcage Grade Requirements.
  • A bonus alternate version of Chapter 33 from my original working document.
  • A bonus fragment of an alternative epilogue from a contemplated shorter version of the story.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.

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