Hi all. As you’re probably aware, the COVID-19 crisis has gotten pretty severe worldwide.

I’m safe and healthy, but my city is entering lockdown. I have food and internet… and this should be a great time to work on new stories.

Unfortunately, I’m finding erotica to be the furthest thing from my mind, and specifically finding it hard to write for the longer periods necessary to fulfil requests. I’m therefore making a couple of announcements to communicate realistically about my output for the next little while.

  • No new story requests will be accrued until further notice.
    • I have disabled the purchase of individual story requests in the shop.
    • New purchases of Premium Memberships will NOT include story requests until further notice.
    • If things haven’t changed by May, existing Premium Memberships will not accrue new story requests in May.
  • Existing requests will be honoured – but delayed.
    • All existing accrued requests for March and April – whether redeemed or not – will be honoured.
    • However, this will probably not occur in a timely fashion. Stories will be late.
    • I cannot offer an ETA on delivery at this stage.
  • Arth-Keros content is suspended until further notice.
    • I do not have a timeline for publication of new Arth-Keros material, including the well-overdue February update.

What can you still expect?

  • I expect to continue to publish 20+ new stories a month.
    • I have a large backlog of non-requested stories and old Tumblr stories that should keep Early Access full of content for at least two months even if I don’t write anything new.
  • The release of collections should continue.
    • I expect to release a new edition of “Jessa Stories” and another entirely new collection in March, and April should see the same schedule of two updates and two new books.

I’m not sure how long this reduced output will last. It’s not (at this stage) anything to do with the physical limitations of the COVID-19 crisis, and entirely to do with my headspace arising out of it.

I would ask members for their support and ongoing membership in this difficult time. However, if anyone would like a refund of their most recent month of membership due to the changes in what is being delivered, I am happy to oblige – please email me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com

Thank you all.

– All These Roadworks
24 March 2020

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