Hey readers, as you may have heard from your local health authorities, now is a great time to just stay home if you are able to do so safely. Effective self-isolation will slow the spread of COVID-19, decreasing demand on our hospitals, and allowing for better and more effective care of those who do become sick.

And of course, staying home is a great time to read porn. Luckily, I’m offering a sale on my e-books, which contain the stories you love from BDSMLR, plus (for many of the books) exclusive free content. Prices start at only $3.99 USD. Most books contain about 60 pages of content.

What’s the sale?

Buy three or more e-books in a single purchase and use the code FLATTEN at checkout to get the cheapest book ABSOLUTELY FREE.

You can use the code multiple times – so if you want to buy my entire library, three books at a time, go right ahead. Just enter FLATTEN at checkout on each purchase!

Sale ends 30 April 2020.

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