In brief: The world is a bit rubbish right now but I’m safe and (relatively) healthy. However, with everything going on, I’m having trouble keeping up with new writing at the moment. I’ll look at membership extensions where necessary when things are improved. I know that there’s still no February Arth-Keros update, and I think it’s unlikely I’m going to complete the March workload by the end of March.

Basically I’m just having trouble keeping up with the world at the moment, and haven’t managed any new product in the last seven days. There’s still a couple of weeks of queue on BDSMLR that will keep publishing (all stuff that’s already available in Early Access).

I expect I’ll get a couple of new stories available in the next couple of days but they may represent stuff that’s already written but not published rather than new work. (I keep about 10 to 20 finished stories in reserve for times like this, plus I still haven’t republished all the stuff from the Tumblr era, although many of those old stories are just one or two paragraphs.)

Just wanted to let you know what was going on.

– All These Roadworks
March 17, 2020

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