The story collection Fit For Purpose – Stories of Sports and Exercise Erotica has been updated to a new edition. (Check it out in the shop!)

The collection features stories of degrading sports, slutty competitions, erotic exercise, and more.

You’ll note the new cover has a number “5” in the top-right. This means it’s number 5 in the ATR Story Collection. Over coming weeks, all the e-books will receive a number. I’ll publish a list of the full numbering shortly. These updates (to add a number to the cover) do not constitute a new edition and will not feature substantive new content.

Fit For Purpose, however, IS a new edition and DOES feature new content.

The improvements to this new edition include:

  • New, more attractive cover format.
  • Full-colour interior images.
  • Typos and errors fixed throughout.
  • Four new stories – Beach Crawl, Competitive Swimmer, McCormack Park and Sports Funding.

It also features an exclusive 5-page bonus collection of magazine covers from a world of degrading sports. These covers are exclusive to this e-book and are not reproduced elsewhere.

The total page count for the collection is now 54, an increase of 15 pages.

People who have previously directly purchased this e-book can download the new edition from their existing download link. If you’ve lost your link, please contact me at and let me know the username or the email you used when making your original purchase.

The new edition has also been placed into this month’s story collection folder, and is therefore available to all current Stories and Premium Members on Google Drive.

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