It’s December!


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Early Access:

Twenty-four (24) stories were released to members through Early Access.

Story Collections:

Members got access to six story collections in September:

These releases continue the new cover designs and full-colour interior images. “Sex Sells” also contains an additional bonus gallery.

If you’re a Stories Member, please remember to download these e-books for your personal collection ASAP, as after 14 December these collections will be archived into the Premium Member-only section of the drive!

Guide to Arth-Keros:

The member-exclusive Guide to Arth-Keros, which details a world of high-fantasy degradation, was updated with eight new entries detailing the nation of Val Orith.

Reality Check:

This month’s Reality Check article was “The Risk of Abuse”.

These articles provide advice and essays on safe, respectful, equitable and healthy real-life behaviour, relationships and kink, to contrast with the enjoyably fucked-up fantasies found in my stories.

I’m quite happy to take suggestions if there’s a particular topic anyone wants me to cover.

The Reality Check articles for October and November have also been made available as PDFs to all tiers of membership, and articles for future months will be added to this archive as they are written.

Premium Benefits:

In addition to all of the above, Premium Members had access to the following additional benefits:

* The ability to request a story;
* Access to all story collections sold on this site;
* Access to my two long-form stories.

Membership benefits are made available through an invitation to Google Drive. If you’re a member and you have ANY questions about your benefits or membership, please don’t hesitate to email me at, as I really want you to feel like you’re getting value for your money.


If you’re a Premium Member, please check out the Requesting Stories FAQ and then send me your story request for December at Also, if you were a Premium Member on 1 November and haven’t redeemed that request, it’s not too late – let me know!

Story requests are an exclusive perk of Premium Membership.


It’s doing well.

Total profit was down by about 10% from last month, largely driven by a decline in membership rates, offset by a significant increase in e-book sales. I’m not overly worried by this – without the ability to do auto-renewing subscriptions, e-book sales are more sustainable with less effort anyway.

The main referrers are MCStories and Google. I’m not sure what’s driving the significant uptick in searches – it might represent people who are encountering me on XNXX or Literotica, which don’t provide easy linkbacks to this site, and are Googling me to find the homepage. It would be good to know – it’s a large enough number of searches to justify putting more time into Literotica, if that’s where they’re coming from.

Next most prominent referrer is BDSMLR, and then very small feeds from Reddit and Literotica.

Visitors are primarily from the US, with the UK and Canada being the next most popular places to read my stories from.

The most commonly purchased product in October was the e-book A Woman’s Work, followed by Premium Memberships, and then the e-book Intrusive Thoughts.

Based on sales and the traffic from MCStories, you can expect to see new editions of the other two hypno collections this month to meet that interest.


As continuing members will be aware, I have pledged that in any month that the site made a profit of more than $300, I would donate at least 5% of profits to a women’s charity, as part of a responsible approach to the complex niche of porn I write in. (If you don’t understand this reference, please check out this page of my site.)

As a result, this month I have made a donation exceeding $40 USD in value to a registered charity providing crisis service to people experiencing domestic violence. (I say “exceed” because although the site deals in USD, the donations aren’t made in US dollars, and after I convert to my local currency I then round up to a nice round number.)

Total charitable donations for 2019 so far therefore exceed $105 USD. (The site went live, and the donations policy began, in August, and the first donation was for the month of September.)

Thank you all for making this possible.


In addition to the other platforms where I post work, I’ve begun occasionally posting stories on Reddit. You can check out my profile here.

If you’re a member of a subreddit that you think would appreciate my stories, and which would allow some manner of discreet link back to this site at the bottom of the story or in the comments, drop me an email.

Please note that ALL free content is posted to BDSMLR – if you’re following BDSMLR, you’re not missing anything other than the membership rewards.


This month I ran a short survey about the site. (Now closed and responded to.)

As a result of feedback from the survey, I implemented a system of content warning codes which I’ve been using for all new story collections and Early Access posts. It doesn’t aim to catalogue every theme that appears in every story – and you should assume that all my stories may feature non-consent and degradation – but it does flag certain high impact themes to help people avoid them if it’s not their thing. You can read all about the story codes here.

I’ve also enabled the ability to buy individual story requests for $7.99 USD without membership – or in addition to membership. I’ve made a trial offering of 10 requests available through the shop. Click here to check it out.

Finally, based on feedback, I will NOT be automatically forwarding updates (including this one) to members via email. If you’re not already receiving updates from this site via email, you can do so by going to the front page, scrolling to the bottom, and entering your email address in the field provided.


Your support isn’t just about rewards – it also lets me keep delivering the free content that got your attention in the first place. So thanks to you, I’ve continued to post new stories daily throughout November at

Here’s some of the additional work that you supported in October:

  • I published 24 new free stories.
  • I formatted six collections and made them available in the shop.
  • I wrote a free Reality Check article.
  • I managed this site, including visual assets and updates.
  • I published to new platforms.
  • I ran a survey and responded to it.
  • I added story codes and individual story request purchases to the site.
  • I ran another typo-hunting promotion on BDSMLR to spot lingering typos in my work and improve the quality of future collections and re-blogs.
  • I wrote this update.


I am always looking for feedback as to whether you’re satisfied with my product and my site. Please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts at on any topic.

Thank you all again – you’re excellent!

– All These Roadworks
5 December 2019

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