As of 10 November 2019, I’m implementing a system of story codes when describing stories on this site, to help readers avoid stories they really don’t want to see.

Story codes:

  • best (bestiality) – These are stories that include sexual acts with animals, including sentient animals and fantasy monsters. (I write these rarely, and generally only for the degradation aspect.)
  • br-ex (breast expansion) – These are stories prominently featuring fake breasts, breast growth, or plastic surgery.
  • hucow – These are stories featuring heavy lactation, or women treated as cattle.
  • inc (incest) – These are stories of sex between people who are related by blood, or have family-like relationships. (Includes stepfather-stepdaughter stories.)
  • impreg (impregnation) – These are stories where a woman is impregnated, or where fear of impregnation is a relevant part of the story.
  • les/m (lesbian and man) – These are stories where a woman who identifies as a lesbian has sex with a man, consensually or otherwise.
  • mc (mind control) – These are stories of hypnosis, Pavlovian conditioning, magical compulsion, or other mind contorl.
  • misery – These are stories where a female participant receives literally zero sexual pleasure from the experience, consensually or otherwise. (These stories will not be republished on Literotica.)
  • pharm (pharmaceuticals) – These are stories that involve medicines, drugs, or other pharmaceuticals (including aphrodisiacs).
  • religion – These are stories that involve sexual fetishisation of religion and/or blasphemy – normally Judeo-Christian religion.
  • systemic – These are stories that feature systemic oppression of women, or active misogyny. Erotica kink only – All These Roadworks does NOT support real life misogyny.
  • ws (watersports) – These are stories that include urination or drinking urine. (These stories are not published on BDSMLR, and are rarely written.)

The purpose of story codes is NOT to highlight every theme or kink that might appear in a story, but rather to highlight specific extreme themes that are a “hard no” for some readers, to help them avoid them.

I’m going to do my best with these codes but I cannot guarantee that a story does not contain these elements simply because I haven’t marked it with the appropriate code. I will make errors, and in addition the definition of these elements will vary from reader to reader. They’re an assistance only, not a protection.

Please note: while many of my stories feature sex that is some level of consensual, the kinks of non-consent and degradation run so strongly through my stories that I am not going to mark individual stories. Please – if you do not want to read non-consent and degradation stories, consider that possibly I am not the right author for you.

I am open to adding new codes where readers identify that there is a particular theme that they wish to avoid, and where it seems reasonably likely that there might be other readers with the same aversion.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of themes that I don’t write, ever – either because it’s actively a squick, or just that it’s not my kink:

  • no death, blood or maiming – My stories will never prominently feature death or gore, and definitely not in a sexual context.
  • no male-on-male – I’m all for a wide market of gay erotica, but I’m hetero, and it’s not what I’m writing. The closest you’ll see is multiple men on one girl.
  • no raceplay – I have no idea why I can write the stuff I do and yet draw the line at raceplay, but race and ethnicity will rarely be an element in my stories, and never in a degrading way.
  • no pedophilia/pederasty – I like schoolgirl stories and daddy-daughter stories, but you can assume those girls are 18. Even were it not very illegal, I would not be interested in writing underage stories.
  • no transgender/gender-bending – I welcome readers who are trans, who crossdress, or who have sissy kinks (noting those as three very different things), and you’re most welcome to read characters as trans if you wish, but that’s not where my sexuality is and I’m not writing those stories.
  • no hermaphrodite / futa – not my kink.
  • no vore – not my kink
  • no scat/vomit – for some reason watersports works for me, but scat and vomit doesn’t.
  • probably no furries – I’m not going to rule out a furry wolfman or catgirl turning up in a story maybe, but the anthro/furry thing generally isn’t my kink.

That’s all for now!