The September update to the Guide to Arth-Keros is now live.

Members can find the new content in the “Guide to Arth-Keros” folder on Google Drive.

The Guide to Arth-Keros is an exclusive perk of All These Roadworks membership, and is available at all tiers. Members receive access to the entire Guide so far, with four to six new one-page entries added every month. (View memberships in the shop.)

Arth-Keros is a world of high-fantasy degradation, where all women are cursed to life of subjugation and humiliation by powerful demons known as the Nine Impure Natures. At its heart lies the Forest, a tangled maze of ancient life haunted by monsters that desire nothing but the rape and abuse of the women foolish enough to trespass.

Warning: The Arth-Keros material does contain some kink themes not found in my BDSMLR stories, including watersports and sex with monsters and tentacles.

This month’s update focuses on the agrarian nation of Cadeland, one of the Inner Territories (those nations that directly border on the Forest).

The update includes:

  • [0023] Gender Ratios – Just exactly how many women are there per man in Arth-Keros – and why?
  • [0024] Cadeland – A brief introduction to the nation.
  • [0025] Cadeland’s Female Identification Laws – A guide to the documentation of Cadeland’s women.
  • [0026] Happenstance Plantation, Part 1 – A look at a typical Cadeland farm, its owner, and his two kept women.
  • [0027] Happenstance Plantation, Part 2 – A look at the life of a farmer’s daughter.
  • [0028] Brettle & Sluts, Part 1 – A look at a typical business of Cadeland’s capital city
  • [0029] Brettle & Sluts, Part 2 – The special techniques that make Brettle & Sluts renowned throughout the nation.

Remember that you’re welcome to expand on the World of Arth-Keros with fan-fiction, games or art! If you create something based on the Guide, let me know so I can share it!

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