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Jessa Stories collects the first six stories about Jessa, a woman with a kink for degrading naive Christian girls.  These stories are longer than the average All These Roadworks story, and the collection totals 40 pages.

It includes:

  • Alice and Jessa – Jessa seduces Alice’s family, and then blackmails Alice into incest.
  • Alex and the Slut Tax – Jessa uses the lust of a repressed lesbian to lead her into degradation.
  • Jessa’s Bible Study Group – Jessa teaches the Christian women of a small town that God’s plan is for them to be humiliated sluts.
  • Jessa’s Christian Single Mothers Circle – Jessa helps unmarried pregnant teens find fathers for their babies who will treat them in the manner they deserve.
  • Jessa’s Church Advice Service – Jessa helps young Rosa punish her sister for being a slut.
  • Jessa and the Wedding – Jessa provides premarital counselling for a young couple to help them have the marriage they both deserve.

Please note that some or all of these stories may also appear in other All These Roadworks collections. Please check collection contents lists carefully if you are concerned about double-ups.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.

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