Welcome to September! It’s been an intensely busy month setting up the new site. I hope it’s working for you. Any questions / comments / feedback are welcome at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com.

I’m grateful to everyone that’s visited, followed, and bought story collections, but I’m particularly grateful to the subscribing members – so let’s talk about what they’re getting in their membership. (View memberships in the shop.)

Google Drive

Backer rewards on AllTheseRoadworks.com are delivered via Google Drive.  Your invite has been delivered to the email address associated with the user account you bought your subscription under.  If you don’t have access, please email me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com and we’ll sort it out.

Early Access

All members have access to Early Access stories.  These are PDFs of stories that are going to be published on BDSMLR.  They include all stories that were requested by a Premium Member, plus from time to time I’ll include other stories that weren’t requests.  

There were 21 stories made available through Early Access in August.

Story Collections

The following new story collections were released in August:

In addition, the following collections, previously released on Patreon, were republished with additional stories and updated images:

All these collections are available free to all current members as part of your membership rewards.  You will lose access if your membership expires, or after two months if you are a “Stories Member”, so I recommend you download your personal copy at the first opportunity.

Guide to Arth-Keros

The Guide to Arth-Keros – a guidebook to a world of high-fantasy degradation – is available exclusively to members, with new entries every month.  In August, I released entries [0018] to [0022], detailing the powerful entities of the Forest known as the Fathers.

Long-form stories

There are no plans to release new long-form stories, but just a reminder that Premium Members have access to my two existing stories, “Titcage” and “The Lesbian Debt”.

Story requests

Everyone holding a Premium Membership at the time of this email is entitled to request a story for September.  Please read the Requesting Stories FAQ – and then send me your request by email to all.these.roadworks@gmail.com .  The sooner I hear from you, the sooner I can start writing!

You Also Supported

Your support isn’t just about rewards – it also lets me keep delivering the free content that got your attention in the first place.  So thanks to you, I’ve continue to post new stories daily throughout August at alltheseroadworks.bdsmlr.com

If you haven’t spotted it already, I’ve pledged that in any month where my site makes more than $300 profit, I’ll donate 5% of profits to a sexual assault or domestic violence charity that supports women, which I feel is a responsible step given the space that my erotica occupies.  I didn’t reach that target in August – revenue was about $170, before taking into account the monthly share of the site overheads – but with your help we’ll get there by the end of the year! 

($300 is the point where your support would pay me to take three full days off from my day job per month to do All These Roadworks stuff.)  

Here’s some of the additional work and costs that you supported in August:

  • All the communication with Patreon around the Patreon campaign suspension, and eventual migration off Patreon.
  • Learning to use WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Paying the overhead costs of a business-level WordPress site, domain name, and WooCommerce suite.  
  • Design and launch of the new site at AllTheseRoadworks.com.
  • Sourcing of Creative Commons Zero images for use on the new site and in collections, to make the products I’m directly selling copyright-compliant.
  • Rebuilding of story collections to use the new images

Thank you again – your support is valued!

– All These Roadworks
1 September 2019

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