The second instalment in the “Fall of Women” universe.
(79 pages / 29,000 words)


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(79 pages / 29,000 words)

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This book is released under the All These Roadworks partnership program, which aims to bring exciting new erotic authors to the attention of those who have enjoyed All These Roadworks stories.
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Return to a world where a global hypnotic payload leaves women struggling to resist their overwhelming urge to be collared…

The Fall of Women saga continues in Book 2 – Darkest Hour.  It’s longer, darker and more intense!

This book collects three electrifying erotic thrillers, each documenting a tale women fighting to avoid their inevitable descent into submission.


In The Dawn of a New Order, Celeste hopes to continue in her role as a high-powered female executive, despite the global hypnotic virus that makes women desire submission to men.  But she discovers that the workplaces of the new world have a very different role in mind for her – and all her fellow women.

In Research Notes from the Fall of Women, Tamila is a researcher, desperately trying to understand the hypnotic payload before it destroys her.  She volunteers to be isolated from men, to learn how the payload operates in the absence of men to submit to – but the payload is more insidious than she had given it credit for…

And in The Darkest Hour, isolation on a remote Antarctic base has given a group of women the chance to avoid infection by the payload – but as the boat carrying their replacement shift arrives, paranoia about the possibility of being compromised rises – and they soon learn that there is nowhere on Earth that they can escape their destiny…


The Fall of Women: Darkest Hour contains three complete novellas (79 pages / 29,000 words) of psychological erotica.  It can be read as a sequel to the original Fall of Women or enjoyed as a standalone release.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories of gender degradation while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

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