Contains the erotic novel “Feminine Fundamentals”.
(140 pages / 36,378 words)


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140 pages / 36,378 words.

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This book is released under the All These Roadworks partnership program, which aims to bring exciting new erotic authors to the attention of those who have enjoyed All These Roadworks stories.
This book is not authored or created by All These Roadworks.

“Service; Procreation; Entertainment.  The three purposes of a woman.”

Mona is an intelligent, confident university student with a bright future.  When she enrols in the “Feminine Fundamentals” course, she expects it to be a breezy follow-up to her study in Feminist Theory.

Instead, she finds herself trapped in a misogynist course of education, taught by a big-breasted bimbo, teaching her how to be an empty-headed sex-toy for the pleasure of men.

At first she is outraged – but soon her humiliating lessons begin to make sense.  Being a pretty, mindless toy is easier – and it’s surprisingly fun, too.

Will Mona break free of the course’s seductive lure?  Or will she betray her gender, and accept the truth of the Feminine Fundamentals?


Feminine Fundamentals is a novel-length story of bimbo transformation and gender betrayal.

This book contains themes of MF and FF sex, bimbofication, non-consent, patriarchy, chastity and denial.

This is a premium release – a novel-length erotic odyssey guaranteed to bring you enjoyment.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories of gender degradation while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

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