An erotic novella of mind control and female submission.
(99 pages / 43,494 words)


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(99 pages / 43,494 words)

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This book is released under the All These Roadworks partnership program, which aims to bring exciting new erotic authors to the attention of those who have enjoyed All These Roadworks stories.
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Her mind control powers made her the perfect predator… until she learned what it was like to wear the leash!

Embark on a new saga of mind control, female submission and gender betrayal with the new book from Alecta’s Shadow – the fan-favourite author of The Fall of Women and Darkest Hour!

A Leashed Tiger is a novella-length erotic tale guaranteed to thrill and arouse…


Serena is a woman with a powerful gift – the power to mind control anyone, just by staring into their eyes.  As a university student studying feminist theory, she uses this power to “correct” and humiliate misogynistic men on campus – as well as to enslave a harem of pretty girls to satisfy her lesbian lusts.

But a careless mistake leads to Serena accidentally hypnotising herself – and in her new vulnerable, programmable state, she falls under the control of the cruel, unscrupulous Kevin.

Soon Serena is Kevin’s helpless toy, forced to betray everything she has ever believed and enslave her fellow women for Kevin’s sexual pleasure.

Will Serena escape the cage she has built for herself – or will she, eventually, learn to love the leash?


A Leashed Tiger contains a full novella-length tale featuring themes of mind control, female submission, orientation kink, gender degradation, and MF and FF sex.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories of gender degradation while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

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