Tanya had defined her life by competition with her childhood frenemy Sophia. The small conservative town she grew up in never talked about sex, let alone lesbian sex, and so Tanya had no idea what the strange feelings she felt towards Sophia were, and at the time refused to recognise them as lust and attraction. Instead, they curdled into a mixture of obsession, a need for Sophia’s approval, and toxic hatred.

So she spent all her life trying to outdo Sophia. When Sophia boasted that she would be the most popular girl at the school prom, Tanya went out of her way to let no less than seven boys fuck her on school night, even though she wasn’t at all interested in boys, just so Sophia would know who was really most popular.

When Sophia got married and boasted how authoritative and commanding her husband was, Tanya immediately began seducing a businessman with a habit of not taking “no” for an answer. She succeeded, and soon was married to him, and even though he beat her and raped her nightly, she orgasmed from each rape, her mind filled with a confusing mix of thoughts – pride that her husband was more dominating than Sophia’s, an intoxicating and erotic sense of powerlessness, and vivid thoughts of what Sophia must look like being fucked, her tits bouncing, her cunt splayed open, her face flushed…

Both Tanya and Sophia got pregnant within months of their marriages. Sophia would talk about how early her milk had come in, how full her breasts were getting – so Tanya bought an industrial milking machine, and spent most of each day in agony as it suckled painfully on her swollen, pregnant tits. She spent almost her entire third trimester masturbating to take the edge off the pain of being milked, but by the time she gave birth her tits were suitably large udders, constantly dribbling white fluid from the nipples.

Her daughter, Bailey, couldn’t drink enough from them to use up her flow, so she spent time wet-nursing other babies as well. Even after Bailey grew past breastfeeding, Tanya’s milk never stopped, and in any case she had become addicted to the feeling of expressing, so an hour on her milking machine each morning and night became a regular part of her schedule. Her husband bought her a cowbell on a collar as a cruel joke and made her wear it; the house stopped buying milk from the supermarket, as Tanya produced enough for most of their needs.

In time, Sophia’s daughter Scarlet grew into a devastatingly pretty teenager, and Sophia announced with embarrassment and delight on Scarlet’s eighteenth birthday that Scarlet had come out of the closet as a lesbian – the trendy new thing for teenaged girls to be. This announcement was met with a lot of applause, and congratulations for how open-minded and accepting Sophia was, and how pretty a lesbian her daughter would be.

This was too much for Tanya. Her thoughts were filled with images of Scarlet naked and licking the pussies of girls; of Scarlet licking Sophia’s pussy; of Scarlet and Sophia and Tanya all writhing naked together. She tried to deny these thoughts, and decided that Scarlet needed a girlfriend – and the perfect girlfriend for Scarlet was Tanya’s daughter, Bailey.

It was at this point she went a little overboard. Scarlet was leaving for a spring vacation shortly after Sophia’s announcement. Tanya intercepted her at the train station, held a piece of chloroform to her mouth, dragged her into the boot of her car, and drove her back to Tanya’s cellar.

Over the next fortnight, Tanya went about helping Scarlet understand that she was going to be Bailey’s girlfriend. Scarlet was scared and uncooperative at first, but Tanya stripped her naked and used a cattle prod on her pussy until Scarlet was prepared to accept her training. Tanya stripped naked herself – it was only fair, seeing as Scarlet had to be nude – and then showed Scarlet how nice it might be to be Bailey’s girlfriend.

“See, she’ll lick your pussy like this,” said Tanya, kneeling between Scarlet’s legs. Scarlet was tied spreadeagled to the wall, and gagged, so she couldn’t resist, but she made moaning protests as Tanya began to tongue Scarlet’s cunt and lick her clitoris. It was the first time Tanya had licked a girl out; it made her immensely wet. She kept licking until Scarlet’s protests turned to moans of arousal, and then kept going further until Scarlet suddenly bucked and squirted as an orgasm took her.

Later, she took Scarlet down from the wall, and let Scarlet lick her pussy, practicing for Bailey. Tanya orgasmed almost immediately, and then three times more before she let Scarlet stop. She made Scarlet masturbate while looking at pictures of Bailey, or sometimes made her make up scenarios of how she might fuck Bailey while Tanya licked her pussy.

Whenever Tanya wasn’t present, Scarlet would be tied up and left listening to white noise – a series of audio files Tanya had found on the web, that were supposed to help the listener focus on and obsess over sexually serving another girl. She merely had to leave photos around to specify the girl, and she had plenty of photos of Bailey.

Occasionally, she would just focus on punishing Scarlet – pinching her nipples and clit, whipping her tits and pussy with a belt, kicking Scarlet in the cunt and slapping her face. In these sessions she would picture Scarlet was Sophia, and Tanya would orgasm from it without even touching her own cunt. For Scarlet’s part, she learned to fear Tanya, and soon any thoughts of doing anything Tanya didn’t want evaporated.

Much of Scarlet’s feeding over this time was breast milk. It felt wonderful for Tanya to have her milk sucked from her tits again – and the fact it was a grown woman doing it made it wonderfully erotic. Scarlet was initially hesitant to breastfeed like a baby but after her first punishment session she became pathetically eager to please, gazing up at Tanya as she suckled to look for approval. Tanya stroked her hair and told her what a good, slutty lesbian she was and what a good girlfriend she’d be for Bailey.

She presented Scarlet to Bailey for Bailey’s 18th birthday. She’d dressed up Scarlet nicely – nude, in a collar and leash, pretty little clamps on her nipples and clit with bells hanging from them, kitten ear headband and kitten tail buttplug. “For you, honey,” she said, proudly.

Bailey was horrified. “Mum, what are you doing? Is that Scarlet? Why is she nude and on a leash?”

“She’s your girlfriend now, honey,” said Tanya. “I think you’ll find she’s very eager to please.”

“Mum,” protested Bailey. “I’m not even a lesbian!”

Tanya sighed. She had been worried this would happen. But she wasn’t going to let her ungrateful daughter mess up her fantasy of having a perfect lesbian daughter with a perfect lesbian girlfriend.

“Scarlet,” she said. “Help me get Bailey down to the cellar. You’re going to help me teach your girlfriend how to be a good lesbian…”

Bailey struggled, but there were two of them, and soon Tanya had her daughter naked in the cellar, bound and fearful, as Scarlet crawled between Bailey’s legs and began licking to show her just how good a girlfriend she could be…


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