Lesbian foot-fetish mind control!

This site has been incredibly privileged to host three books so far by author Alecta’s Shadow. Readers have responded with enthusiasm to The Fall of Women, Darkest Hour and A Leashed Tiger!

Now Alecta’s Shadow returns with a new 161-page erotic odyssey! The Thrill of Defeat presents a complete tale of lesbian mind control and sexual domination.

(Get your copy of The Thrill of Defeat in the ATR store now!)

Readers should note that this release contains strong foot fetish kink elements. This isn’t something I normally write in my own stories – but if foot fetish is your kink, then you’ll find a lot to love in this release!


Lower-class Zainab feels uncomfortable in her friendship with the beautiful, wealthy Alia – but her problems become much worse when Alia’s mother hypnotises Zainab into being a helpless, submissive slave to Alia’s whims!

Now Zainab serves as a humiliated slave to Alia and her family, forced to literally worship at their feet. She becomes Alia’s doormat, her errand girl, her bitch.

Step by step, Zainab’s dignity, resistance and humanity are stripped away, as she is transformed into nothing but an object for her friend to use.  And to her horror, she finds part of herself enjoying it.

Her world comes to revolve around the taste and scent of Alia’s perfect feet, as she lives only to bring Alia pleasure.

Will Zainab find a way to escape her hypnotic fate?  Or will she find lasting pleasure in her new life as her beautiful friend’s foot-slave?


The Thrill of Defeat contains a full novella-length tale featuring themes of mind control, foot fetish/kink, lesbian domination, and objectification. It’s available in the ATR store for $7.99 USD.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories of degradation while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to PDF and EPUB formats.

(Buy your copy of The Thrill of Defeat in the ATR store now!)

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