The hypnosis session had really made her a happier girl, even if it hadn’t done quite what she was expecting.  She had always had difficulty picking out clothes, becoming horribly insecure over her weight, attractiveness, and fashion sense whenever she went shopping to the point where it had paralysed her.  She had agreed to hypnosis to solve this, expecting that it would subconsciously give her the confidence to select clothes like a normal girl. 

Instead, the hypnotist went for an easier route.  He told her, “You will dress like a slut, in a way that makes people want to rape you.   You will believe that you are wearing clothes that are modest and comfortable.  When people react to your clothes in a way that suggests you should be embarrassed and ashamed, you will instead perceive it as approval and affection, and it will make you happy.”

Cruelly, he added a trigger to her conditioning: “When you hear the word ‘bimbo’ used to describe you, you will immediately become completely aware of what you’re wearing and where you are, and you will experience shame and embarrassment normally.  During this period, humiliation will make your pussy become soaking wet and fill you with an uncontrollable need to be fucked, which you will itself find humiliating.  You will still be unable to dress non-sluttily. The next time you orgasm, your conditioning will reassert itself and you will forget any embarrassing actions you have taken during this time and perceive your slutty clothes as unexceptional.”

Now she barely owned any clothes that weren’t whorish or see-through, everyone seemed to like her a lot more, and she was happy all the time, especially those times when she blanked out and remembered nothing except the sense of having had an overpoweringly strong orgasm…


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