Daphne had always been a disappointment to her father – poor grades at school, disobedient behaviour, clumsiness and carelessness. She had always wanted love and attention from him that he never seemed to give her.

At age eighteen, determined to turn their relationship around, she visited a hypnotherapist with her meagre savings, and asked to be hypnotised with a simple phrase that would play in her head and guide her behaviour, helping her be less disappointing to her daddy. The phrase was, “Be a good girl, like daddy likes.”

And it worked, and it was stuck in her head when she emerged from her session, and it stayed stuck there for day after day.

Only, she was now remembering what kind of girl daddy liked. She remembered the Playboys by his bed. She remembered the day she discovered that he visited a strip club after work. She remembered the pictures in his garage of big-titted sluts in bikinis.

If her father found anything odd when Daphne began to turn up for dinners with him in her swimwear, he said nothing. If he noticed her new habits of giggling kittenishly, of emphasising her cleavage, of rubbing up against him in hugs more than a daughter really should, he kept his silence. And when she got her first job pole-dancing at a strip club, he accepted her shy invitation like a good father, and watched his daughter strip naked and hump her wet pussy against a metal pole for the entertainment of himself and other men in very good grace.

When she came to him afterwards for a ride home, completely nude, having “forgotten” to get dressed after her show, she hugged him, pressing her tits tight against him, and asked him if he liked her performance. 

“Yes,” he said, and then, “You were a very good girl.”

At the words “good girl” she turned bright red, and then, hearing these words coming from her daddy for the first time maybe ever, she orgasmed loudly right there in the parking lot. She sank to the asphalt, and knelt there, and felt her daddy stroke her hair as she shuddered through the powerful orgasm, and she knew that she would do anything, anything, to make him say those words to her again…


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