Tayla was blonde, 19, pretty, and innocent, and she felt she was lucky to get the job babysitting for beautiful, rich, Val. It was three nights a week, the kids were young and well-behaved, and it gave her plenty of spare cash to spend going on dates with her boyfriend the rest of the week. 

Her downfall was her curiosity. She knew she wasn’t supposed to go in Val’s bedroom while Val was out, but she wanted to see what kind of bedroom such a rich, beautiful lady had – and besides, the kids were already asleep.

It didn’t disappoint. The bed was made up in gorgeous Egyptian Cotton, on a mahogany frame – but were those thick metal D-rings bolted into the bedhead? The floor bore luxurious fur rugs that made her just want to roll around on them – but was that a large metal dog cage in the corner? And the wardrobe…

The walk-in-wardrobe was filled with expensive lingerie, all in either pink or black, none of it anything less than dripping with sexuality. Her face flushed, feeling an urge she couldn’t explain, Tayla lifted a pair of satiny pink panties and rubbed them against her cheek. She knew this was weird, that they weren’t really any different from the ones in her own wardrobe – except that these were Val’s, and they had been worn, and rested against that beautiful, confident, rich woman’s perfect, shaved pussy.

She couldn’t help herself. Tayla took off her top, and her bra, and rubbed the panties against her nipples. It felt amazing. She didn’t know why she was doing this, but it was the most erotic experience she’d ever had. She pulled off her skirt and panties, too, and first rubbed the panties against her pussy – and then pushed them inside, soaking them in the wetness of her cunt honey. She wasn’t thinking about how she’d clean them afterwards – she just needed to do it.

Standing there, her employer’s panties stuffed into her pussy, something caught her eye. There was a plastic tub in the corner of the walk-in-wardrobe, and a label on its side read “SILLY LITTLE CUNTS”.

Tayla knew she shouldn’t. But how could she not? She pulled out the tub, and opened it.

Her eyes widened at the contents. There was a cat collar, sized for a human neck, with a little bell on it, and a name-tag that read “Silly Little Cunt”. There were three wicked looking clamps with heavy metal balls hanging from them. There was what could only be a butt plug, with a kind of fake cat tail attached to it. And there was a headband with cute little kitten ears on it. Also, there was a DVD, labelled “Instruction 051”.

Tayla had come this far. She took the DVD down to the lounge room and popped it into the DVD player. She was oblivious to the fact she was still nude, with Val’s panties hanging from her fuckhole.

Her breath quickened as she saw what was on the DVD. It was rich, beautiful Val, naked but for stockings, high heels and a garter belt, standing nonchalantly in her bedroom. Beside her knelt a naked teenager – a pretty blonde, much like Tayla. 

As Tayla watched, the kneeling blonde fastened the cat collar around her neck – the cat collar Tayla had just found – then put on the kitten-ear headband, and then, wincing, got down on all fours, reached behind herself, and slowly worked the plug into her anus. Once it was in, she picked up the clamps, and hung one from each nipple – and then spread her pussy and hung the third one from her clitoris. Tayla could hear her choked scream as the cruel clamp bit into her clit flesh, and then her abused nubbin began to support the full gravity of the weight.

Val appeared to have no interest in any of this. She turned towards her bed, spread her legs – which looked beautiful in the stockings and high heels – and then bent forward at the waist.

Slowly, hesitantly, the blonde teen crawled on all fours up to Val, the terrible weights swinging from her tits and clit, and then she raised her head and began to lick between Val’s butt cheeks.

Tayla flushed in mortification. The girl was licking Val’s anus! That was so dirty and wrong! Tayla didn’t even notice that she herself was rubbing her own pussy as she watched.

The girl licked for several minutes, until Val sighed with happiness, stood, and turned to face the girl. Now she grabbed the girl’s head by her pretty blonde hair, and forced the girl’s mouth down on Val’s pussy. The girl resumed her enthusiastic licking, now servicing Val’s cunt.

Tayla moaned, her fingers working in and out of her fuckhole.

On the video, Val’s breathing quickened, and then finally her whole body stiffened, and Tayla saw a fluid spurt from Val’s pussy and spray over the teen girl’s face – Tayla realised she had orgasmed, and squirted. Val pushed the girl away, and laughed at the adoring, agonised look on the girl’s ejaculate-wet face.

Tayla heard her say two words to the girl. “Now you.”

A look of both misery and fathomless need crossed the girl’s face. She backed up a couple of steps – still crawling on all fours – then widened her stance, and began to wiggle her body from side to side. Beneath her, the weights began to jerk back and forth.

Tayla bit her lip in sympathy. It must be excruciating. The weights would be jerking violently on her poor nipples – and her clitoris. 

And then Tayla realised what the girl was doing. She was trying to cum. The only way that Val was going to let her have enough stimulation to orgasm was from having the weight bounce agonisingly from her clitoris.

The girl started to cry – and almost as soon as she did, she made a choked noise, and fell down on her side, twitching. She had orgasmed – in pain and misery.

Val now knelt beside the girl, and stroked her hair. Gently, she reached down and detached the clamps from the girl’s sensitive areas. “There, there,” she said. “Silly little cunt. You know this is what you deserve.”

“Yes,” said the girl, and, “thank you.”

Idly, Val reached down to the girl’s pussy, rubbed it gently, and then brought her hand up, glistening with the girl’s arousal, and smeared the girl’s sex juices lovingly over the girl’s face. “You’re a good pet,” she told the girl, and the girl smiled happily, brokenly.

After a few moments, Val pulled away. “Now go to your cage,” she told the girl, and Tayla watched as the girl got up and crawled across the room to the dog cage and got inside. Val followed, and locked the door on the cage. She passed a dildo through the bars of the cage, and the girl took it and obediently pushed it into her pussy. Then Val walked away, apparently abandoning the girl. A moment later, the lights went out, leaving the girl in the dark.

Then the video ended.

Tayla stared at the screen, wide-eyed. She had never seen anything like this before. And she had never seen anything that made her so *wet* before. It was so fucked up. It was so wrong. It was so… hot…

“Did you enjoy it?” said a voice, and Tayla spun in horror to find Val standing behind her, returned from her night out. Tayla turned bright red as she realised that she was still nude, that Val’s panties were still in her pussy – along with her own fingers, which were still masturbating. She jerked her hand away in shame.

“Answer me – did you enjoy it?” Val demanded.

Tayla couldn’t speak.

“The silly little cunt can’t speak?” asked Val archly. “Well, I can. Shall I tell the babysitting agent about this? Or maybe some of your friends or family?”

Tayla found her voice. “No!” she gasped. “No! Please, no!”

Val smiled. She walked up to the bedroom, came back down, and dropped something on the ground. It was the box labelled “SILLY LITTLE CUNTS”. As Tayla stared at it, Val began undressing, revealing first her tits, then her cunt, until she was dressed only in a garter belt, stockings, and high heels.

“Well?” said Val. “Put it on. You know how, and you know what to do afterwards.” She turned around, spread her legs, and bent at the waist, parting her ass cheeks. “After all,” she said – as Tayla picked up the collar from the tub in trembling, disbelieving hands – “you’ve watched the instructional video…”


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