Keely was shocked, and horrified by what her three years of research had discovered. She didn’t understand how this could possibly be true. But the data didn’t lie.

She showed her results to her colleague – and girlfriend – Senna.

“You know how we’ve always said that it’s frustrating that lesbians are a minority of women?” said Keely.

‘I know,” said Senna. “If there were more of us, we’d find it so much easier to fight for our rights.”

“Well,” said Keely, speaking slowly as she considered her words, “what if there were a way to *make* more lesbians?”

“What, like conversion therapy?” said Senna. “That’s disgusting – and besides, it doesn’t work.”

“No, that’s not what I mean,” said Keely. “You know I’ve been doing demographic studies of the biological children of lesbians.”

“Yes,” said Senna. “But what are you saying? Being gay isn’t genetically predictable. Gay mothers don’t necessarily have gay children.”

“Well, that’s what we thought,” said Keely. “But we were always looking at a small sample size – after all, lesbians by nature are less likely to give birth to a child – and it turns out we weren’t controlling for the right variables.”

“What kind of variables?” asked Senna.

“Rape,” said Keely. “It’s true, across the whole population, children of lesbians aren’t more likely to be gay. But if we look at just the children who were conceived as the result of violent rape…”

She directed Senna to the numbers in her data. Senna’s eyes widened.

“Over 85% of the female children are lesbians,” finished Keely.

They both stared at the data for a while.

“If more lesbians got impregnated by rape, and carried the babies to term, there would be more of us,” said Senna, slowly.

“More political power for the next generation,” said Keely. “A wider dating pool. More talent and money within the community.”

“We almost have an obligation to make it happen,” said Senna. “Except… we’d get arrested.”

Keely shook her head. “Most solo male rapists are never convicted, as it is. If they had the help of a range of accomplices, they’d be practically untouchable. Your brother would help us – he’s always hinting that he has a fetish for raping lesbians. And maybe my father – I know how he looks at you.”

“And there are a lot of rich, hateful men who would probably pay a lot of money to help lesbians get raped,” said Senna. “They don’t need to know why. We might even make a profit.”

“I know some of the male doctors in the area,” said Keely. “If we promised them some non-consenting lesbian pussy, they might be prepared to give fake abortions that don’t work, so girls will be forced to carry their rape-babies to term.”

“And we can pick and choose who gets raped,” said Senna. “We can target the real bitches and cunts, the ones who deserve it.”

They looked at each other, not really believing they would do this – and yet knowing that they absolutely, definitely would.

“It’s for the good of our community in the long-term,” said Senna.

“And, you know, if these girls are getting raped *anyway*, I don’t see how it would hurt for us to take a turn with them too,” said Keely.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck that spoiled redhead brat who tends bar at the club,” said Senna, her face beginning to flush with arousal.

“Oh god, and I’ve always wanted to strip that blonde cunt at the coffee shop nude, and force her to lick my pussy,” confessed Keely.

“It’s for the good of our community,” said Senna again, her hand idly massaging her pussy through her pants.

“For the good of our community,” agreed Keely, stepping forward to push her girlfriend up against the wall and engage her in a long, slutty tongue-kiss.

And as the two lovers slid to the floor and began to fuck, the thought occurred to Keely that encouraging local men to rape lesbians might some day come back to affect her personally.

But honestly, for some reason the thought just made her even wetter.


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