Cassandra couldn’t afford to go to university, so when the letter came informing her that she had won the “St Maria Gotti Scholarship” to study law on her local campus, she was ecstatic.

The scholarship required her to stay on campus at the “St Maria Gotti Women’s Dorm”, which seemed reasonable enough. 

It was only a fortnight after classes started that she learned what she had really gotten involved in.

She received a visit from Leah, the Dorm Supervisor, a pretty blonde in the final year of her degree.

“It’s time for you to submit your gang rape audition tape,” she said. “Have you got it ready?”

Cassandra was aghast. “My what?”

“Your gang rape audition tape,” said Leah. “To send to the boys over at Alpha Society.”

“Is this a joke?” asked Cassandra. “Some kind of hazing?”

“No,” said Leah. “Didn’t anyone explain this? Your scholarship is funded by the super-rich boys who make up the Alpha Society. You get to study your degree for free, and in return you send them a video every fortnight where you try and encourage them to gang rape you. You know, show your tits, show your pussy, wiggle your ass, tell them how much you want to be raped.”

Cassandra struggle to find words. “Why would I do that?” she said, finally.

“Well, because if you don’t, your scholarship will be cancelled, and you’ll be sent home,” said Leah. “Plus the boys will publish any audition tapes you’ve already made to the internet under your name, plus the footage they already have of you.”

“What footage they already have of me?” asked Cassandra, in shock.

“From the cameras in your room,” said Leah. “By now they’ll have footage of you changing, and using the shower and the toilet. Plus if you’ve, y’know, masturbated since you got here, they’ll have that too.”

Cassandra had masturbated, several times, believing her room to afford her privacy.

She thought of footage of her nude, rubbing her pussy, being available on the internet. Being searchable under her name. 

She felt faint.

“So I should… just make a video where I do the bare minimum?” said Cassandra.

“Oh, heavens, no,” said Leah. “They kick out any girl whose video doesn’t make their cocks hard. Plus once a month they just kick out the girl with the worst audition, on principle.”

Leah smiled. “Don’t worry, they only gang-rape one girl a fortnight – whichever tape they like the best. And if you get chosen, they do pay you a $2,000 bonus, so you can do pretty well from submitting the best video.”

“Doesn’t anyone ever… go to the police?” asked Cassandra.

“Of course not,” said Leah. “No one does, but if a girl was stupid enough to try, we’re all required to tell the police that she’s lying, and that she’s just a slut. And of course, there’ll be those rape audition tapes to put into evidence.”


Cassandra ended up doing her best to look rapeable every fortnight, and became quite good at looking the part of an enjoyable rape victim. Over the course of her degree, she was selected for gang rape on 15 occasions, and while at first it was traumatic, she eventually learned to gain some enjoyment from being roughly used by gangs of men in the parks and alleyways of the campus after dark.

She eventually graduated with good marks, and a law degree – but found that her education was not really over. Because the graduates of Alpha Society still had her extensive collection of audition tapes – plus the footage of her many gang rapes – and they made it clear to her that she would be working for them now, under the terms they specified, unless she wanted the world to know what an exceptional whore she had been throughout her studies.

And so she found herself using her law degree to defend rapists, and humiliate their victims, working for minimum wage and allowing the rapists to fuck her before and after court.

Leah had done well for herself through the Alpha Society too. They had paid for a political campaign for her, and gotten her elected to parliament, and now Leah was working hard to strip rights from women and legalise their objectification and abuse.

And of course they both still made their audition tapes every fortnight, and sent them off to the Alpha Society alumni. No one had told them to – but they were too scared to find out what might happen if they stopped….


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