Sara was obsessed with the erotic feeling of humiliation – even though she knew it was going to ruin her life.

It had begun in her final year of school, when her skirt clasp had come undone, and the skirt had fallen away in front of her entire class to expose her panties. There had been laughter and crude comments, and Sara had never been more embarrassed in her life – but she had also felt a quick, powerful flush of arousal, and had spent the lunch break in the girls’ toilets, locked in a sell, simultaneously crying tears of humiliation, and fingering her pussy to a powerful, devastating orgasm.

The idea that consumed her now was of people seeing her doing exactly that – masturbating to orgasm. She had begun leaving the stall door unlatched when she masturbated in public toilets. She had stopped completely closing the door when she was nude in her room. She knew that if anyone saw her, they would think she was a disgusting slut, and hate her forever – but it was that possibility that aroused her more than anything.

Lately she had begun a new game. When she was expecting guests to arrive at her home, she would find herself desperately horny around 20 minutes before they were due to arrive. Unable to resist the needs of her pussy, she would strip completely nude in her lounge room, within sight of the front door, and begin desperately masturbating.

Usually she was able to cum before her guests arrived. But on the most recent occasion, her friends had turned up while she was still fingering herself. She had told herself that when she heard them arrive, she would stop masturbating like a slut, get dressed, and let them in – but she was so close to orgasm that she couldn’t help herself. 

She kept masturbating as she heard them knocking, calling out to her, and then eventually calling her on her phone. If the door hadn’t been locked, they might have been able to open it, and seen her spread-legged and nude, desperately finger-raping her snatch.

But it had been locked. And Sara had been able to cum, and dress, and open the door, and pretend that she simply hadn’t heard them.

She had told herself after that instance that she would never do it again. It was too slutty. It was too dangerous.

But today was the day of her 20th birthday, and she was having a party, and she had invited almost everyone she knew. Friends, family, work colleagues – even some former teachers from school. 

The party was due to start at 8 pm, but at 7.30 Sara felt herself getting horny. 

She told herself that she wouldn’t masturbate. She told herself that she wouldn’t be a slut. 

She pictured the first guests arriving, and knocking at the door, as she fingered her fuckhole like a whore in the exact spot where they would immediately see her if the door were opened.

She shouldn’t.

But she was already taking off her clothes. She was going to do it.

And not just do it. She needed more.

She took a piece of paper and a black marker, and in large letters she wrote on the paper, “JUST COME IN”.  

Then she stuck it to the outside of the front door, and closed the door – but deliberately didn’t lock it.

Then her cunt took over. She dropped to the floor, frantically masturbating.

The minutes ticked by. She actually managed to cum at 7.55, and she knew she should stop then, but she didn’t. She wanted more. She wanted to cum again. She kept playing with herself.

At 8 o’clock on the dot she heard the first car arrive. She didn’t know who it was. It could be anyone. She heard car doors close, and footsteps approach the front door. She heard them pause, as she read the sign on the door.

She should stop. She should run, and hide, and dress.

But she knew that in only a few moments she would cum harder than she ever had before in her life.

So she just lay back, and spread her legs wider, and waited.


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