She may have been legally an adult, but she was still her stepfather’s Little Princess. Or more accurately, his Little Cocktease. In a long session on Stepdaddy’s lap, giggling and hugging him and crushing her tits against his chest and grinding her ass against his cock, she had gotten an exception to his rule that she wasn’t to leave the house looking like a slut – that if her Stepdaddy’s cock was hard, then it would be very hypocritical to tell her she wasn’t allowed to wear what she was wearing.

Now she always modelled for him before leaving the house, and she refused to leave unless his cock *was* hard. She checked his crotch with her hand as he stared at each outfit before dancing away to change into something sluttier. All his efforts to be good and not be aroused by his stepdaughter just led to her wearing more and more whorish outfits until he couldn’t control himself. 

When her probing hands found his cock hard, she would giggle, and kiss him on the lips – tongue included – and skip out the door to go slut around in the outfit he had allowed her to wear.  

They both knew that one day all her cockteasing was going to get her raped by her Stepdaddy, and it was what they both found themselves masturbating to thoughts of late at night…


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