I occasionally get questions about what serial stories are coming up in the queue – both in terms of what’s written but not yet published, and what’s yet to be written. Here’s a look at what the future holds.

First up, the book release for June is expected to be a reissue of “She’s Got The Look – Stories of Exploited Models and Erotic Fashion”. It will contain all the original content, edited for improved flow and to catch remaining typos. I haven’t yet made a decision on whether it will contain any new stories. It will feature a new cover by BoredArtist4LYF, which you can see a preview of in the banner for this post.

Then let’s move on to the queue of serial story chapters.

This list includes only chapters of serial stories, of which there are usually two published per week. It doesn’t include the other daily one-shots and reblogs. Dates are the (approximate) dates they will go live on AllTheseRoadworks.com. The free queues are more or less in sync now, so the releases on BDSMLR, newTumbl and ReblogMe should be within 36 hours of these dates.

Please note that the delays between serial chapters in late June represent the disruption to releases that occurred in early May arising from first my short holiday, and then my hospitalisation.

I’ve included the scheduled reblogs of “The Ternish Betrayal, Parts 3 to 6”. Although these were previously published (and collected in e-book), they haven’t yet appeared on AllTheseRoadworks.com, so these reblogs will complete the series on this site. There’s also a reblog from the “Dr Degradation” series.


  • Average Availability, Part 15 (8 June)
  • [REBLOG] The Ternish Betrayal, Part 3 (10 June)
  • [REBLOG] The Ternish Betrayal, Part 4 (12 June)
  • Emma’s Division, Part 12 (15 June)
  • [REBLOG] The Ternish Betrayal, Part 5 (17 June)
  • An Incentive For Ethan, Part 3 (19 June)
  • [REBLOG] The Ternish Betrayal, Part 6 (21 June)
  • Tuning Chloe, Part 9 (22 June)
  • Bella’s Apology, Part 3 (26 June)
  • Persephone Nine, Chapter 12 (29 June)
  • [REBLOG] Dr Degradation – Boyfriend (2 July)
  • Bovine Testing, Part 1 (3 July)
  • The Foster Girl, Part 2 (6 July)
  • Bovine Testing, Part 2 (10 July)
  • Hellfire, Part 8 (13 July)
  • Emma’s Division, Part 13 (17 July)
  • An Incentive For Ethan, Part 4 (20 July)
  • Aylee the Alchemist Slave, Part 8 (24 July)


I have a third chapter of “Bovine Testing” written but not queued, but I’m holding onto it until someone actually requests it.
EDIT 7 June: It has now been requested, thank you!

I also have Part 1 of a story called “Painting Sara”, which has lesdom / body paint / public nudity themes, but in the absence of having written any other parts I’m holding that one back to avoid teasing.

Requested to be written:

The requests list represents stories requested by long-term Premium Members. I currently have requests relating to memberships in April and May 2021. Requests will not necessarily be written in order, and I tend to pick the story from this list that I’m most excited about writing when I sit down to write.

April 2021 requests:

  • Ask Dr Degradation – “turning the maths teacher into a pet”
  • The Bonuses, Part 8
  • The Convent of Lesba, Part 11
  • The Convent of Lesba, Part 12
  • Emma’s Division, Part 14
  • Persephone Nine, Chapter 13
  • Small Town Values, Part 6

May 2021 requests:

  • Bella’s Apology, Part 4
  • Bovine Testing, Part 3
  • Brea Comes Home From College, Part 12
  • Emma’s Division, Part 15
  • The Foster Girl, Part 3
  • Selling Brielle, Part 6
  • Surrender, Part 2
  • “school teaches women their place, the teacher is the lesson”
  • new story with similar themes to “No Women’s Door” (watersports, systemic)

June 2021 requests:

  • An Incentive For Ethan, Part 5

I’m still soliciting requests from people who were Premium Members in May 2021 and who are still paid-up Premium Members today. If you think that’s you, and you haven’t redeemed a request for that month, get in touch.

– All These Roadworks

(Art in the header block is by @BoredArtist4LYF on Twitter, commissioned for the “She’s Got The Look” e-book cover.)

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