The two pretty young women in Senator Mulroy’s office were from the Young Women’s Christian Alliance.

“Let me guess,” he said. “You want me to oppose the Lesbian Equality Bill.”

“Absolutely,” said the girl on the right. Her security name-tag read “Eve”. “We just think that this is a step too far, and we’d really like you to stand against it.”

The other girl nodded. Her name-tag read “Sarah”. “Lesbianism is a sin,” she said. “And this should be a country that obeys God’s law.”

“I’ll tell you what,” said Senator Mulroy. “I’m prepared to listen to everything you have to say to me on this topic. But before I do, I really need you to see what you’re up against from the lesbian lobby. Could I just ask each of you to step into the antechamber there, and watch a little video that explains the bill? And then when you’re done, I’ll give you all the time in the world.”

The girls agreed. He ushered them into a dark room adjacent to his office, sat them on a couch, started the video playing, and then left and closed the door behind him.

They were in there for two hours, as the video played hyper-fast subliminal images at them, and loud white noise assaulted their ears.

When they emerged, they looked confused and uncertain, like they weren’t sure where they were.

“Welcome back, girls,” said Mulroy, smiling. “Now, what were you saying?”

“We want you to oppose the lesbian rights bill,” said Eve. “After all, lesbians are just sinful sluts….”

She might have said more, but she was cut off as Sarah turned to her and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

Eve was surprised – but she soon broke off the kiss, backing away violently. “Sarah!” she exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing?”

Sarah looked stricken. “I don’t know!” she protested. “God, I’m sorry, I’m behaving like some kind of lesbian whore…”

And then it was her who was muffled, as Eve passionately kissed her.

Mulroy chuckled. “I see you’ve been convinced by the lesbian propaganda, girls,” he said.

“What do you mean?” asked Sarah, backing away from Eve.

“Just a little hypnotic suggestion,” said Mulroy. “You’ll find it quite difficult to remove. Whenever you hear a woman degrade or belittle lesbians, you’ll feel overpowering sexual desire for her. You’ll want to kiss her, fuck her – even rape her.”

“No!” protested Eve. “You can’t make me a lesbian! That’s disgusting!”

“I don’t want to be a cuntlicking whore!” protested Sarah at the same time.

And then they were all over each other – kissing, fondling. Mulroy watched as the girls pulled off each other’s shirts, and then their bras, and began squeezing each other’s tits.

“I’m filming all this, girls,” he warned them. “I’d advise you to keep telling me exactly how disgusting lesbians are, or else I’ll be showing this footage to your organisation.”

Eve squeaked in shame. Sarah was passionately massaging her tits. “This is so sinful,” she moaned. “I’ll be raped by devils in hell for this.” 

Sarah groaned with passion as she heard this, and ripped off Eve’s skirt. To everyone’s surprise, Eve wasn’t wearing panties. Eve blushed bright red.

“Lesbians deserve to be raped,” muttered Sarah. “They deserve to be punished.” And she arced her hips to let Eve pull off her own skirt and underwear.

“I’m a whore,” moaned Eve. “I’m a whore.” 

And that was the last either of them said for some time, for after that they both fell to the ground, their mouths seeking out each other’s cunts, tongues desperately licking, hips bucking, as they fucked each other on Mulroy’s camera.

“And just think about when you go back to your church,” said Mulroy, as they lezzed off on his office floor. “You’re going to feel intense lust for every homophobic bitch you see. What are you going to do about it? Just shamefully masturbate? Seduce them? Rape them?”

He smiled. “I think you’re going to rape them. And you know what, girls? You’ve convinced me. I’m still going to back the equal rights bill – but I’ll add a little rider, to make sure lesbian rapists go to men’s prison, that they get named and shamed, and so that they have no rights whatsoever…”


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