Mike was very clear about what he expected from his new wife Riley.

“I divorced my last wife – my daughter Taylah’s mother – because she wouldn’t perform her role in regards to domestic duties,” said Mike. “Now, it’s Taylah’s job to clean the house, but as her new step-mother, I expect you to help her, in a way that befits your gender.”

Riley didn’t mind being a “traditional housewife”, and agreed. They were married the next month.

It was only then that she found out what “helping Taylah clean” meant.

“Strip,” said the pretty, bratty 18-year-old redhead to Riley, on the first day after Riley’s honeymoon, as the two stood in the kitchen.

“What?” said Riley.

“Strip naked,” said Taylah. “Or my dad will divorce you.”

Riley couldn’t believe this was happening, and called Mike (who was at work) to report that Taylah was being offensive.

“No, she’s not,” said Mike. “This is the way that befits your gender. Do as she says, and strip. I expect you to follow her other instructions too.”

Riley blushingly stripped in front of the girl. Then Taylah grabbed Riley’s hands and cuffed them behind her back. She attached little kneepads to Riley’s knees, with small wheels over the kneecaps. She put a dog collar on Riley’s neck with a leash attached. She filled a wide, flat tray with soapy water – and then pushed Riley down on the floor, nude, on her knees.

“Ow!” complained Riley. Her large tits were mashed into the floor, and she couldn’t support herself because her hands were cuffed behind her back.

“Shut up,” said Taylah. She then got a long wooden pole, with a rubber phallus on the end, dipped it in the soapy water to make it wet – and then pushed it into Riley’s anus. Riley squealed as it pushed inside – and then squealed again, as Taylah pressed a button on the pole, and the phallus inflated slightly, making it difficult to pull out of Riley’s rectum. 

Taylah pushed on the pole, and Riley learned the purpose of the apparatus. As Taylah pushed, the phallus pushed painfully into Riley’s anus – and Riley’s whole body rolled forward on the wheeled kneecaps, her tits dragging along the floor. Taylah pulled back – and Riley was pulled backwards by the device trapped in her butt.

“Good mop,” said Taylah approvingly. She pushed Riley again, towards the tray of soapy water. As they approached, Taylah pulled on the leash, pulling Riley’s upper body into the air by her neck, choking her. She pushed Riley forward further, then released the leash, dunking Riley’s tits and face in the soapy water. Almost immediately, she pulled Riley’s neck back up, choking her again, then let her fall tits-first back on the kitchen linoleum.

Then she began to push Riley back and forth. Taylah was using Riley’s soapy tits, hair, and face, as a mop. 

Bound as she was, there was nothing Riley could do about it. Taylah dragged Riley’s tits agonizingly back and forth over the floor, picking up dirt and food scraps, and then pushed her back to the tray, choked her upwards, dunked her tits in the soap, and then moved her back to the floor to continue the process. 

When all the house floors were mopped, and Riley was weeping with pain and humiliation, Taylah lifted her off the ground, and fitted her with a new harness. This was like a bra, only made of leather, and with no cups over her tits. Around the base of her tits it was tight and constrictive, making her boobs bulge lewdly and painfully. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back.

This harness turned out to be for cleaning the windows. Taylah would take Riley to a window, lather her tits with soapy water (a process that was distractingly enjoyable for Riley’s now very-sensitive tits), and then use the harness to push Riley’s tits up against the window and drag her around.

After that, Taylah got Riley to do the vacuuming. As it turned out, the vacuum handle went up Riley’s cunt, and she would push the nozzle it forward by fucking her cunt against the handle.

Then there were the baths and toilets, which Riley learned she was expected to clean with her tongue.

Her final task turned out to be licking Taylah’s pussy clean, a task she would apparently be expected to perform several times a day on Taylah’s command. When she was done, Taylah took her into the back yard and washed her clean like an animal using a hose.

“You’ve been a good cleaner,” said Taylah finally, her fingers idly playing with Riley’s pussy as she spoke. “Your reward is permission to masturbate naked in the front yard in full view of the street like a slut. My mother never agreed to do that, and it was so disappointing. Do you think you’ll be a better mother?”

Riley was in pain, humiliated, and shocked, but her cunt was also very wet, and she did *so* want to be a good mother, so she obediently crawled outside and started masturbating as Taylah laughed at her slutty new cleaning mop…


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