She was too quick to sign the lease for the share accommodation. She probably should have checked over some of the stranger clauses. But she was just so glad to find somewhere to live, and at such a cheap price.

Her sense of alarm didn’t trigger until she asked two male housemates where her bedroom was.

“Oh, we don’t have a bedroom for you,” they said. “And in any case, cunts don’t need their own bed. But we do have a vertical storage rack in the basement.”

She struggled at first, but there were two of them, and they stripped her, and bound her to the frame in the bedroom, with clamps on her nipples and clothespegs hanging from her cuntlips. And then they started to play with her.

At the end of their play, they showed her the film they’d made of it all, and to her shame she found herself agreeing that no, she didn’t want them to show that film to anyone, and that therefore, yes, this *was* where she would be sleeping from now on…


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