After the third time Mercedes embarrassed her family by arguing about feminism in public, they packed her away to the Ordway resocialisation camp. Her access to her trust fund was dependent on completing the camp, and it was made clear she would *not* get to keep the BMW daddy had bought her if she didn’t stick out the full six months.

Arrival was a shock.

The camp sprawled for several miles along the shores of a local lake, and most of the people on site were camp counsellors, or “adjusters” – mostly male – with only a small number of rich girls like herself being resocialised. Immediately upon arrival, she was told that at the camp, her name would be “Stupid Rapebunny”. She was outraged, of course, and refused to use it, but she soon learned that unless she introduced herself as “Stupid Rapebunny”, or answered promptly when the adjustors addressed her as “bitch”, “slut”, “cunt”, “bimbo” or “whore”, she would receive no attention at all – it was like she was a ghost – and nor would she be fed, or given the keys to the toilets or showers or indoor bunkhouses.

She spent one cold, miserable night sleeping on the cold outdoor ground, her stomach growling with hunger, as she refused to accept her new name, but by evening the next day she found herself shyly approaching one of the adjustors and saying, “My name is Stupid Rapebunny. May I have some dinner?”

The adjustor smiled. “What a pretty name for such a stupid cunt. Yes, come inside and have some food, bitch.”

The food was drugged, of course, and from that point on Mercedes started to feel as stupid as her name implied. Her libido increased, and she found she was almost constantly horny, and at the same time it was difficult to argue with people – it was easier to just go along with what people said.

After the third day, Mercedes was told a new rule. No one would pay attention to her anymore unless her cunt was exposed and she was drawing attention to it. She balked at this one, too – she wasn’t going to show her pussy to strangers. They didn’t make her go hungry, although they wouldn’t let her into the mess hall, instead placing her food outside in a dog bowl when an hour had gone past without her asking for it. But again, she needed people to pay attention to her to get keys to the bunkhouses or the toilet block. More than that, the pure feeling of being ignored was horrible – it made her feel like she was dead, or just didn’t matter at all. She found herself yelling and screaming, just to get anyone to look at her, but they wouldn’t – or rather, they would look right through her, and that was worse.

On day 6, she caved, and blushingly took off her skirt and panties, and spread her pussy lips open in the centre of camp. She called out to an adjustor, “Please look at me. I’m Stupid Rapebunny.” She didn’t even want anything, other than attention, and the feeling when the adjustor turned and saw her – really *saw* her, or at least her fuckhole – filled her with pure joy.

He came over to talk to her – his eyes never on her face, always on her cunt – and the feeling of human interaction was amazing. But after a few moments she forgot to keep her pussy spread, and immediately his attention wandered. Hurriedly, she pulled her pussy lips apart, trying to regain his attention.

“Why don’t you masturbate?” he suggested, turning back to look at her cunt again. “That’s easy to remember to keep doing.”

She blushed, and inserted her fingers into her pussy and began to finger-rape herself. After being horny for so long, it felt incredibly good, even if it made her feel like a slut to do it in front of a strange man. But she wanted his attention…

Over the next few days it slowly became normal for her to expose her cunt and masturbate when she wanted attention. It created a feedback loop for her – masturbating got men’s attention, which made her feel good, but also the masturbation made her feel good, and she began to associate pleasure and endorphins with receiving male attention and having people stare at her cunt, and likewise receiving male attention or having someone stare at her cunt would make her aroused.

During this time, the adjustors began to take liberties with her body. Sometimes a man would kiss her as they were talking – sometimes in the middle of what she was saying, effectively silencing her. Sometimes they would grab or pinch her boobs, or grab a handful of her hair and lead her somewhere by it. On a couple of occasions someone came up behind her and pushed a metal phallus into her anus without warning, making her jump and squeal. On the most humiliating occasion, she was talking to an adjustor who was eating a fast-food burger that had been wrapped in paper. When he was done eating, he balled up the wrapper, used a hand to push her legs further apart, and then pushed his garbage up into her cunt and walked away. None of the men ever asked consent or gave warning, and none seemed even particularly interested in her reaction.

Attempts to protest or avoid this attention resulted in being slapped across the face – never just once, always two or three times, sharp and hard. She stopped protesting quickly, and learned the lesson that she was intended to learn – that her body was not her own, that men could do what they liked with it, and nobody cared about her opinion on the topic.

On day 12, a man grabbed her by the hair and took her into a building she’d never seen before. Inside, he tied her hands together and attached them to a hook hanging from the ceiling, so she was supported by her arms. Then he cut her clothes off her with a knife, until she was nude, and tied her legs to two anchor points on the floor, forcing them to be spread wide open. At this point she began to protest, so he took her ruined panties and shoved them in her mouth, and then knelt, spread her pussy open, and used tape to stick her pussy lips to her inner thighs, keeping her splayed and vulnerable.

More men came in, until there were ten adjustors in total. The one who had led her in had picked up a long metal device, that she suddenly realised in panic was a cattle prod. He turned on a device, and sound began to play in the room. At first it was a male voice, telling her that she was a stupid bitch who was only good for raping. Then suddenly the voice stopped, and she heard a silly giggly female voice say, “Feminism”. And at the point the female voice spoke, the lead adjustor stepped forward and discharged the cattle prod into her cunt.

She screamed into her panties and bucked. The male voice returned, telling her she was only good for breeding and hurting. It was interspersed with her own voice, recorded over the past few days, saying, “My name is Stupid Rapebunny. I’m playing with my cunt.” But then a woman’s voice suddenly said, “Women have rights,” and again the lead adjustor stepped forward and shocked her cunt.

It went on like this for an hour. Most of the time was spent with the voice on the tape lecturing her about how worthless she was. She came to love that voice, though, because it never resulted in her being shocked. Conversely, she hated those stupid female voices who said things like “consent” and “my opinion matters” and “I don’t want you to rape me”, because those things were always accompanied by a shock to her cunt. Worst of all was hearing her old name – “Mercedes” – which got her *two* shocks. She wished people wouldn’t use that name – her name was Stupid Rapebunny.

After an hour they let her down – but from that point on the exercise was repeated daily. She very quickly found that the thought of even hearing the word “feminism” made her feel scared and sick, let alone saying it.

In the evenings they played a different game with her. They stripped her naked, and bound her legs in a such a way that she couldn’t stand up, only crawl on all fours. Then they put clamps on her nipples and clit with heavy weights hanging on them.

She was told that the purpose of the game was to suck any cocks she saw, and she would be punished for disobeying. She would look at the adjustors, and soon one would take his hard cock out of his pants. She would immediately begin crawling towards him, mouth open, but he would back away from her – slowly, because she wasn’t fast – while masturbating. Meanwhile another adjustor would follow behind her with the cattle prod, routinely shocking her pussy and anus every thirty seconds she went without a cock in her mouth.

The men could outdistance her easily, and the first adjustor would end up ejaculating on her face and hair, and putting his cock away. Then another would expose himself, and she’d turn to try and service him, the painful weights swinging back and forth from her tits and pussy, but he would back away too, and ejaculate another load of cum on her.

Every now and again, one would let her catch him, and she would desperately take his cock into her mouth, slobbering desperately and gratefully at it, blessedly relieved from the cattle prod while she was servicing it. She would look up at the man, eyes filled with pathetic gratitude that he had let her put her mouth on his dick, and shortly thereafter he would cum and she would swallow as if it was the best thing in the world – which by then, she truly believed it was. After all, it gave her a whole extra 15 minutes before the cattle prod started on her again.

After a week of this, she didn’t need the game anymore. She knew what her duty was when a man showed her a cock, and it became normal for her to spend most of the day sucking off the adjustors. She didn’t wear clothes anymore, and they encouraged her to crawl rather than walk.

There was a new rule now on what she needed to do to get attention – now no one would listen to what she was saying unless it degraded her. Saying, “Hi, I’m Stupid Rapebunny, could I have the key to the bunkhouse, sir?” was not enough – she needed to say, “Hi, I’m Stupid Rapebunny, can I have the key to the bunkhouse so I can finger-rape my fuckhole all night in bed like a dumb whore?” To ask for food, she needed to say, “I’m Stupid Rapebunny and my favourite food is cum, but could I please have some of what they’re cooking in the kitchen put in a dogbowl so I can eat it on all fours like the silly bitch I am?” If she wanted to just hold a conversation, she needed to make sure it was on topics like “why I like having my cunt shocked” or “fun ways to hurt a Stupid Rapebunny” or “why women deserve to be raped”.

For the final two weeks, they finally started actually raping her. During this period they would no longer let her masturbate – catching her yielded a shock from the prod – and they increased the drugs in her food substantially, leaving her in a constant horny haze.

During this period, they would approach her and ask her if she wanted to be fucked. If she said yes, they would use a syringe to inject something into her clitoris, and then fuck her – sometimes in the pussy, sometimes in her anus. She discovered to her horror that they had given her an anaesthetic – her clit would go numb and she couldn’t orgasm. It also made her feel a little sick.

If she said, no, she didn’t want to be fucked, most of the time they would leave her alone – but sometimes they would fuck her anyway, and on these times they didn’t give her the anaesthetic, and she could actually orgasm from the rape.

As days passed, they reinforced this divide – consent was unsatisfying, rape would let her cum. If she said no, and they raped her anyway, but she didn’t struggle and buck and cry, they would stop and give her the anaesthetic. If she *did* struggle and buck and cry, sometimes they would stop fucking her.

In her horny, stupid, drug-addled space, she became very good at struggling in ways that just made them hornier, bucking so as to do interesting things to their cock; turning her head away in disgust in a way that accentuated her neck and thrust her tits forward; saying things like “please don’t cum in my unprotected pussy” or “please don’t make me your whore” instead of just “no” and “stop”. As she learned, she found that more and more often the adjustors would keep raping her through her protests, and she could cum more and more often.

Then they stopped approaching her and asking if she wanted to be fucked. She realised she had to tempt them into raping her. She would sit on their laps, nuzzle up to them, wiggle her tits at them, spread her cunt for them, grind against their crotches, and constantly appear flush-faced, hard-nippled, and smelling like sex. Of course, when they tried to initiate sex, she would always push their hands away, and say “no” – but she wouldn’t stop cockteasing them, and soon they would be forcing her, giving her the delicious rape she needed to cum.

After two weeks of it, the conditioning was complete. She no longer remembered any way of interacting with a man that didn’t tempt him to rape her, and she no longer knew any way of saying she didn’t want to be raped that wouldn’t just encourage him. Which was fine, because rape was the only thing she could orgasm from now.

They sent her back home, and her family was delighted. Her mother liked the way she no longer wore clothes – it was less laundry to do. Her father liked the way she tempted him into raping her within two hours of her return home. And her brother liked the way she would crawl desperately across the floor to him whenever he exposed his cock and suckle on it with pathetic gratitude until he ejaculated in her mouth.

They all agreed – Stupid Rapebunny’s resocialisation had been a huge success…


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