It was the manager’s practice, in disciplining employees, to ask them to name their own punishment. If they didn’t name something sufficiently severe for how he saw their offence, they would be fired. He believed it emphasised personal responsibility.

Normally employees suggested having pay docked, or being put on supervision plans, to which he acquiesced. And that was what he expected Kitty to suggest when he sat her down after she lost a client of some importance.

But to his surprise, when he asked her to name her punishment, she started crying, then started stripping naked. “You should… beat me with your belt,” she sniffled. “Across my tits. And then fuck me. God, I don’t want you to fuck me, but… please don’t fire me. I’ll do better. You need to fuck me, I deserve it. My mother always said I was a stupid slut. If I lose this job, she’ll… please, don’t fire me.”

She looked up at him, and took his shock as displeasure. Fearing she hadn’t offered enough, she said, “Please! I’ll work in your office… naked… until I learn how to do my job properly. And… you can cum on my tits each night before I go home. Or fuck me if you need to. And… I’ll bring in my friend. She’s pretty, and stupid, and I think I can blackmail her, so you can fuck her too. Or watch me fuck her. You can make us both your slaves.”

She was crawling now, across the floor towards his feet, and then reaching up to unzip his fly and extract his cock. “Please,” she begged. “Please, let me keep my job.” His erect cock came into view as she worked it out of his underwear…

She kept her job.


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