It turned out that Rhiannon’s submissive streak ran deeper than her homophobia. Rhiannon made one bitchy comment about her lesbian supervisor Maddie, and that was all it took to put her in Maddie’s sights for humiliation.

When Maddie pushed her against the wall in a deserted corridor, pulled her hair painfully, and kissed her forcefully, Rhiannon was disgusted, but she said nothing about it to anyone, and tried to pretend her pussy wasn’t wet.

When Maddie kissed her again in front of the whole office, and loudly said that her lips tasted as good as her tits looked, Rhiannon blushed crimson with humiliation but didn’t object.

She allowed it when Maddie started to stroke her hair and touch her thigh when Rhiannon made her daily reports to her supervisor. She let Maddie call her “candy-tits” around the office. And when Maddie took away the plaque on her desk with her position title and replaced it with one that said “Lesbian Cunt-licker”, she wanted to curl up and die but she didn’t dare conceal the plaque or remove it so she quietly endured the sniggers and stares of her co-workers.

When Maddie invited her out to dinner at a restaurant, she should have said no, but she didn’t. When Maddie told her to “dress sexy, short hemline, no panties, and make those tits of yours look good”, she absolutely should have rebelled instead of spending hours obsessing to make sure her outfit didn’t displease Maddie. 

When Maddie introduced her to the waiter as her “favourite bimbo fuckdoll”, she should have objected. When Maddie insisted on choosing her meal for her, then asked the waiter what items on the menu might be appropriate for “a particularly slutty dog”, she should have run out of the building. And when the meals arrived, and Maddie put Rhiannon’s dish on the floor, and just looked at her challengingly, Rhiannon should have spat in her face. But instead, blushing, she got down on all fours, in front of all the patrons, and began to lick her food out of her bowl like a dog. She blushed even deeper when Maddie pulled up the back of her dress to expose her cunt and ass to everyone, but kept licking.

That got them thrown out of the restaurant, of course. Maddie blamed Rhiannon for being a slut, and demanded she apologise by stripping naked in the car park. Rhiannon didn’t know why she was obeying, but she knew her cunt had never been wetter than it was tonight, knew that it felt wrong to disobey, knew that somehow being treated like dirt by this sexy, dominant woman was making her feel more satisfied than she had ever been in her life to this point. When Maddie told her to get in the car – in the boot, for that matter, not in a seat – she did it immediately.

And when Maddie took her back to her apartment, and let her up the stairs naked by her hair, and threw her on the bed roughly while pulling off her own dress, Rhiannon couldn’t take her eyes away from her supervisor’s cunt. And she ended up a very happy girl that night, because although she knew now that she was a worthless slutty bitch, Maddie eventually allowed Rhiannon to slide her tongue into Maddie’s cunt, and taste Maddie’s wetness, and finally discover the thing that she had been born to do…


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