Maggie had had a crush on Zachary for months. When her friends told her that he had a thing for “stupid girls who look like cows”, it was discouraging to hear that he had such specific tastes.

But when she Googled “girls who look like cows”, she found cause for hope. Sure, the image she found were of women who were objectified. Usually they were naked. Often they were being fucked, and not always consensually. Sometimes they were chained to steel frames with industrial milking machines attached to their udders, in ways that looked both painful and degrading.

But these women all had the same kind of lewdly oversized fuckbags that Maggie did. If these girls looked like cows, then Maggie did too. She might be exactly the kind of sex-object livestock that Zachary was into.

She spent weeks staring at the images she had found, masturbating with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other, dry-milking her fuckbags until they finally got the hint and began to lactate. Then she would lift her tits to her own mouth and suck the milk from them while fingerfucking herself to a delirious, humiliating orgasm.

Finally, she plucked up her courage to invite Zachary over, for a kind of date. As she waited, she looked in the mirror, finding the right angle to lean over to make her large tits look most cow-like. She hadn’t milked herself all day, so that Zachary would see the milk leaking visibly from her nipples, and it had left her tits feeling painfully swollen and full – a good feeling. A cow-like feeling.

She made a soft “moo”, experimentally, and liked the way it sounded. 

She was blushing already. Soon, for the first time in her life, a boy would not only see her exposed tits, but see her presenting herself as a sub-human fucktoy for his amusement. But she felt confident that it would please him. She felt confident he would want to use her.

And most of all, it just felt *right*….


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