“Slutwords” was the latest party game craze – the hilarious game of joke-creation that taught women to demean their own gender.

Every player was dealt a hand of five white “answer” cards. Then the current player would reveal a black “question” card. Each player would submit an answer that they thought was appropriate from the cards in their hand, face down, and then the answers would be shuffled, read out, and the current player would pick the answer they thought was most “true” – and the player who submitted it would win a point.

Amber was playing the game now with her boyfriend Saul, her sister Tess and Tess’s boyfriend Rohan, and Amber’s friend Candy. She was a little uncomfortable with the demeaning game, but it *was* kind of funny, and she’d had a couple of drinks, and the boys really wanted to play, so….

Rohan turned over a black “question” card. “A slut’s favourite food is…” he read out.

Amber looked at the cards in her hand. They read:
* Getting slapped for talking back
* An anonymous man’s cock
* A painfully-large butt plug
* A cock fresh from her best friend’s anus
* Being called a whore

Amber dithered, stuck between demeaning options, and settled on “an anonymous man’s cock”.

The other players offered their cards, they were shuffled, and Rohan read the answers. 

“A slut’s favourite food is…. Licking cum out of a dog bowl,” said Rohan, and the boys laughed. Candy and Tess laughed too, so Amber laughed as well, not wanting to be the odd one out, even though she was blushing and feeling uncomfortable.

“A slut’s favourite food is… an anonymous man’s cock,” continued Rohan, and there was more laughter. “Next one is… whatever a man thinks best.” There was another round of laughter, and Amber joined in again. She supposed it was pretty funny, acting so outrageously like women were nothing but animals.

“Last one,” said Rohan. “A slut’s favourite food is…. Her sister’s pussy.” 

Everyone looked at Tess, who was blushing furiously, and Candy began to giggle uncontrollably.

“That’s the best one,” said Amber’s boyfriend Saul.

“It is,” said Rohan. “I’m choosing this one. Tess, is this yours?”

“It was the only card I had that fit!” protested Tess, face crimson.

“Let it be know that Tess wants to lick her sister Amber’s pussy!” declared Rohan, and there was more laughter. Amber’s face was bright red with embarrassment. Sure, her younger sister was very pretty, but the thought of Tess licking Amber’s pussy was… confusing….

Candy got to flip the next “question”. “How a slut should be thanked for giving a man a blowjob,” she said, and giggled again for no real reason.

Amber’s new card read, “Her own father’s cum.” She blushed. How should a slut be thanked for giving a blowjob? She settled on “being called a whore” and submitted it.

Candy read out the answers. In addition to Amber’s, the other answers included “being stripped naked in front of her parents” and “a swift kick to the cunt”, but the answer Candy liked best was “bruises on her tits”, which turned out to be Saul’s. Saul stared at Amber’s own large breasts as the answers were read out, and Amber flushed, thought about covering her tits with her arms, and then just let her boyfriend stare.

Tess was next to reveal a question. “What all sluts secretly want to have put in their mouth at dinner, with or without their consent.” She paused. “And there’s a little star on this card – what does that mean?”

“It’s a forfeit card,” said Rohan. “When you get the answers, you rank all of them, best to worst. And then the girl who has the lowest ranked answer has to remove two items of clothing chosen by the highest ranked guy, and make a video of herself admitting to the winning answer like it’s her fantasy.”

The girls all blushed – and then looked closely at their cards, determined not to come last.

Amber’s new card read, “being punished because her tits are too small”.

Up until now she had been self-censoring herself, playing the *least* demeaning answer that fit – but she really didn’t want to lose this one, so she played “Her own father’s cum”.

Tess read the answers – and Amber’s heart sank. The lowest-ranked card was Rohan’s – “a gob of spit from a man” – but then Amber’s – “her own father’s cum” was the next lowest. She had forgotten it was Tess judging the answers, and Amber’s selection had made Tess screw up her face in horror and disgust. Then Candy came next – “date rape drugs” – but the winner, by Tess’ estimation, was Saul, with his answer, “dog sperm”.

Saul laughed as Amber tried to wiggle out of honouring the terms of the game. Amber really didn’t want to do it, but then Candy started chanting “Scaredy cunt! Scaredy cunt!”, and then everyone else joined in, and finally Amber agreed to Saul’s request that she remove her skirt and her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so that was going to leave her topless – but Saul graciously allowed her to leave the shirt on, so long as she unbuttoned it and exposed her tits.

She felt intensely humiliated – although at least her sister’s boyfriend seemed to appreciate the sight of her tits – but then even more humiliated as Candy pointed her mobile phone camera at the bare-titted Amber, and Amber had to confess to wanting to eat dog sperm.

She tried to smile sexily at the camera. “I’m a slut,” she purred, “and slut likes me secretly want to be fed dog sperm in our meals. It doesn’t matter whether I consent or not – or even whether I know that it’s happened. The thought that I might be being fed dog sperm at any time makes me hot.”

When it was done, she fell backwards, blushing and giggling, and had another bottle of vodka mix. She wouldn’t learn until the next day that Candy had immediately uploaded the video to Amber’s Facebook page.

The next round would prove to be the last round. Saul was judging, and the question was “What a girl wants from a man”. And it was a forfeit – the two losing players would have to make out, each having removed an item of clothing chosen by the player judging the question, and including one action chosen by that same player.

Amber’s new card was “giant fake whore udders”. She thought, and then chose “getting slapped for talking back”. 

But again, she came second last. The winner was Candy, with “the knowledge she’s completely worthless”. Rohan came in second with “multiple daily rapings”. Amber’s was third, and then her sister Tess came in last with “having her tis squeezed”.

“Sounds like Tess and Amber are making out!” giggled Candy.

“No, I can’t…” Amber began to protest – but was cut off when Saul leaned forwards and slapped her across the face. Hard.

She gaped.

“That’s what you just said you wanted, right?” he asked. “Shut up and stop being a mood killer. Now say you’re sorry.”

Amber was shocked – and drunk – and confused. “I’m sorry,” she said, hesitantly.

“Good,” said Saul. “Now take off your panties. Tess, take off your shirt. And for my one action, I want Tess to lick Amber’s pussy, until her face is nice and wet with Amber’s pussy juices, and then the two of you can kiss while Tess fingers Amber’s pussy to orgasm.”

Amber’s eyes widened, and she tried to back away – but Saul slapped her again, and then Rohan and Saul held her down, and Candy pulled off her panties to reveal her cunt, and everyone had a good laugh when they realised she was actually very wet.

Then Tess took off her shirt – she didn’t have a bra on either – and bent down – far too eagerly – and began to lick her sister’s pussy.

It didn’t take long at all for Amber to orgasm humiliatingly from her own sister’s tongue. And then, when she realised Candy was filming her, she orgasmed again. And then when Candy showed her that she wasn’t so much *filming* the two sisters having sex, as streaming it live to Amber’s Facebook page for all of their friends to watch, Amber orgasmed – and orgasmed again – and orgasmed again….


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