She was expecting the nice, dominating man she had met on Tinder and, per his instructions, she was waiting in the hotel bed, nude except for her jewellery and high heels, ready for some amazing anonymous casual sex.

The man who walked in on her, though, was not an anonymous stranger. It was her husband’s brother, Caleb, a man who had leered creepily at her ever since she had first met him, a man who she hated. She leapt up, trying to cover her bare tits and nude pussy with her hands, but not before he had his phone out and had taken a picture.

“Oh, don’t feign modesty, Madison,” Caleb laughed as he approached her. “Just because you cover your eyes on Tinder, you think I wouldn’t recognise you? Wouldn’t realise you were sleeping around on my brother? Now, you’re going to do as your told, and be a good girl, and keep quiet, or I’m going to tell your husband what you’ve been up to.”

She made a strangled, disbelieving sound, too shocked to reply, barely comprehending the position she was in. She had signed a pre-nuptial with her husband. She had laughed about it at the time, it seemed so silly. If he divorced her for any reason, all her property belonged to him, and she was required to pay him support for the rest of her life. He would even have a right to manage her career to ensure his income stream. “And if the divorce is because you cheated on me, babe,” he told her, laughing, “I’ll be insisting the income comes from working as a whore.”

Caleb walked over to her, grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her across the bed. She landed tits down, ass up. He held her in that position, used his free hand to unzip his fly, and a moment later she felt her brother-in-law’s cock force its way into her cunt. She moaned.

“I said shut up, bitch,” Caleb told her, slapping her ass with his free hand. “Here’s how it’s going to be, if you want me to keep your little secret. Every time your husband is out of town overnight on business, you’re going to come round to my place. You’re going to strip before you leave your house and drive to me naked except for your high heels. When you get to my place, you’ll ring the doorbell, then kneel with your legs spread on the doorstep and masturbate, for as long as it takes me to invite you in, even if that’s more than an hour. Don’t respond to anyone who sees you or talks to you except to the extent it’s necessary to convince them that you’re being a slut of your own free will.”

She moaned again – whether from unhappiness or the feeling of being stuffed with his cock, she wasn’t sure.

“When I let you in, you’ll crawl inside, and you’ll be fucked by myself and any guests I have in whatever ways we choose. We will hurt and degrade you. You had better start practicing masturbating to thoughts of pain and degradation because if we decide you aren’t wet enough or don’t orgasm often enough we will hurt you even worse.”

“To help you practice, you should have a conversation with my brother, your husband, and tell him that you have always wished he would hurt you more during sex. I know that’s his kink and he’s always been disappointed you were such a vanilla slut. Specifically tell him you’d enjoy having a clamp on your clitoris and that he should whip your tits with his leather belt. Tell him that being made to cry is part of your fantasy and that it doesn’t mean he should stop. Understand?”

She just made a choked noise. He took it as a “yes” and fucked her harder.

“And seeing as you’ve cheated on my brother, it’s only fair he gets to sleep around as well. I expect you to find a new girl for my brother to fuck every month. I don’t care how you get them, but my brother doesn’t fuck hookers so you’re not allowed to pay. Seduce them into a threesome with those tits, maybe, or just find some of your pretty gullible friends and blackmail them. If you actually fully enslave them so they can’t say no, they count for three months instead of one. Tell my brother it’s your fantasy to be the low bitch on the totem pole and he should totally encourage every other cunt he fucks to boss you around, and make you sleep on the floor while he fucks them in your bed.”

She was crying now, but she wanted to cum so badly, she was bucking against her brother-in-law’s cock and mewling.

“Say ‘Yes, Caleb, I understand, and do what I’m told like a good bitch’,” he told her. “And thank me.”

She didn’t want to say it. But then he stopped fucking her, holding his cock still, holding her hips so she couldn’t drive it back inside her. And she knew what she had to say to have her orgasm.

“Yes, Caleb,” she whined. ”I’ll do what I’m told, like a good bitch.” She wiggled her hips, hoping he’d drive his cock back into her. “Thank you for giving me what I deserve.”

“You’re a worthless cunt,” he told her, by way of acknowledgement, and then pushed his cock deep, deep into her fuckhole, and she orgasmed, already remembering the way her husband had always looked at her big-titted sister, thinking of how she could lure her sister into her marital bed to be her husband’s fucktoy, of how much she would hate having her tits whipped with a belt but how much she would *love* to see it happen to her sister…


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