Sweet, innocent, virginal and devastatingly beautiful – Megan was the delight of her parents. She believed in waiting until marriage, and pledged a public commitment to chastity – an inspiration to the other conservative teen girls at her school.

But teen hormones and peer pressure are implacable, and a few weeks after her 18th birthday, suffering from mood swings that made her feel fat and ugly, Megan drank a little too much, and then let an older boy from the local university kiss her, then start groping her tits, then move his hand up her thigh, under her skirt…

… and before she knew it, Megan was naked on a stranger’s bed, parting her legs to let the boy – whose name she didn’t even know – force his thick, erect cock into her virginal cunt. 

She cried – not because it hurt, although it did a little, and not because he was forcing her. She cried because she was consenting, eagerly. It felt so good, and she wanted it so much, and her pussy was so wet, and on top of that all she really needed to feel like someone was attracted to her right then – and she knew that all of that made her a slut, and a whore, who had given up her chastity to spread her legs for an anonymous boy. And it was *that* knowledge that made her cry.

She woke up the next morning still naked, with an awareness of the boy’s dried cum between her legs.

“I’m sorry,” she said, blushing. “I should never have done this. Please don’t tell anyone we did this.”

“Are you ashamed of me, Megan?” the boy asked, with a smile that said he didn’t take her seriously. He was naked too, and it was hard not to look at his admittedly attractive six-pack abs, or his cock – which was erect again.

She didn’t like that he knew her name. She still didn’t know his.

“Actually, yes,” she said. “I am ashamed. I shouldn’t have done this.”

“Would your parents be angry at you if they knew?” he asked.

“Yes!” she said, putting on her panties and bra. “I took a public chastity pledge. My father boasts about me at church. If they knew I… screwed some guy, at a party, they’d kick me out of home. They’d never talk to me again.”

“I’m not some guy,” said the boy. “My name’s Aaron. Did you not know my name?”

Her embarrassed blush gave him his answer. She focused on putting on her skirt.

“It seems like you’ve got a problem, Megan,” said Aaron. “Because I don’t see why I *should* keep this a secret. I don’t owe you anything, and I think my friends would like to hear how I screwed a chastity pledge slut.”

Megan grimaced at the crude insult. “You can’t,” she said. “I’ll deny it.”

“Maybe I’ll tell your daddy,” said Aaron.

Megan glared at him furiously. “Don’t kid around!” she said. “You can’t! Anyway, he’d never believe you!”

Aaron looked at her, slowly. Then he said, “I think he would. Because if I didn’t fuck you, then how do I know about that cute little heart-shaped birthmark you’ve got, just above your pussy?”

Megan froze. She had just put on her shirt, and she clutched it over her chest. “You’re not serious, are you?” she said.

“Dead serious,” said Aaron. “You were a pretty good fuck. I like how you cried – it was hot. I think I’d like to fuck you again. Maybe a bunch of times.”

He laughed again, as Megan’s face went pale.

“So as I see it,” he said, “you’ve got two options. Either I can go over to your place, and tell your daddy what his daughter’s face looks like when she orgasms from a man ejaculating into her womb…. or you can take those clothes back off, and we can see if you’re as good a fuck when you’re sober as when you’re drunk.”

Megan stood deathly still. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Surely she wasn’t being blackmailed into sex. It had been such a minor indiscretion. She should call his bluff….

.. but she pictured Aaron telling her father about the little noises she had made when he had banged his cock into her particularly forcefully, or how she’d moaned when he’d squeezed her nipples, or how she’d blushed when he pulled out afterwards and then wiped his cock clean on her face….

The thought made her want to die. She couldn’t. Her father couldn’t know.

So she slowly took her shirt back off, and then her skirt, and then her underwear, and then she slowly laid back down on the bed and spread her legs.

To her embarrassment, she was wet. He *was* a good looking boy, after all, and last night *had* been fun….

He looked at her. “This missionary position shit isn’t going to fly forever,” he said. “But right now your whole chastity-good-girl persona makes it hot, so I’ll let it pass. But this time…. Oh, let’s say you’re going to call me ‘daddy’. And make it sound like you want it.”

Her face went bright red. But she *did* want it, and she really *didn’t* want the alternative. So she said, “Yes, daddy” – and tried to ignore how those words made her pussy muscles clench in a very interesting way – and continued, “Please fuck me…”

“Good girl,” he said, and when he moved forward and slid his cock between her cunt lips, she temporarily stopped thinking about anything except how good it felt to be fucked…


Over the following weeks, Aaron became Megan’s secret boyfriend. She’d meet him two or three times a week and let him fuck her. It was gross, and humiliating, and she absolutely did not consent to any of it – but she was *always* wet for him, and in the heat of the moment she would moan with pleasure and call him “daddy” (which he kept making her say precisely because of how it made her blush with disgusted humiliation), and she orgasmed many times.

She had moments of rebellion. In the first week of their new relationship, Aaron tried to make her give him a blowjob, and something broke inside her. It was bad enough she had let him violate her womb – but to put his filthy seed in her *mouth* as well was too much. She pushed him away violently, and descended into a crying fit.

Aaron sighed. “Look, Megan,” he said. “As things stand, no one is ever going to know this happened. Hymens aren’t a thing – they break for all kinds of reasons, and a lot of actual virgins don’t have them intact for their first time. You can go to your wedding someday pretending you’re still pure as the driven snow. But I’ve already ejaculated unprotected in your pussy four times, and it’s pure luck I haven’t knocked you up. You’re *not* the Virgin Mary and you’re *not* going to be able to pretend you’re not a whore if you have a baby belly.”

She looked at him, horrified. For whatever reason, she hadn’t even *considered* pregnancy. She felt stupid and scared. What if he’d impregnated her?

“So,” said Aaron, reasonably, “if you don’t want me to put a baby in you, you’re going to have to start offering me your other holes, understand? You’ve got a pretty mouth. All I want to do is fuck it, and make you swallow a mouthful of my cum, okay?”

She cried, but in the end she opened her mouth and took Aaron’s thick, stiff cock in it. Aaron told her to play with her pussy, and she knew that masturbation was a sin, but it was easier not to think about what she was doing when her cunt was stimulated, so she did as she was told, and in the end she orgasmed before Aaron did.

She actually quite liked the salty taste of his cock, but when his cock suddenly started twitching and his hips bucked, she was unprepared for the volume of cum suddenly squirting into her mouth, and choked and let it dribble from her mouth onto her bare tits.


Megan tried to reel back in shock and pain, but Aaron had a fistful of her hair. He had just slapped her across the face!


He hit her again.

“I told you to *swallow* it, bitch,” he told her. “Don’t you ever waste my cum until I tell you to, understand?”

“I’m sorry, daddy…” she mumbled. She knew that *he* had hit *her*, and that by accepting that *she* needed to apologise she was telling him that was okay… but she couldn’t think straight. She should have swallowed. She hadn’t intended to spit it out. She was stupid, and a slut, and probably deserved to be slapped….

“Shut up and suck it clean,” he said, and stuffed his cock back into her mouth, making her suck it for a good minute longer before withdrawing it.

The next time she saw him, he fucked her face again, and this time she swallowed like a good girl.


The next week, he wanted to use her ass, and she had another meltdown.

“It’s not *clean*!” she wailed. “It’s sinful! You’re not meant to put things *in* that hole!”

He slapped her, and slapped her again. “Do you want me to cum in your pussy instead?”

“No…” she cried.

“Lie down on your back,” he told her. “Legs spread.”

She was confused, but did as she was told. Lying on her back, he at least couldn’t fuck her ass.

He reached down and put his fingers into her pussy. She moaned. He began to slowly fingerfuck her, and it felt good, and she relaxed. She started to believe she had won this round.

But then he added the rest of his fingers. Now four fingers and a thumb were inside her cunt, slowly fucking in and out. She felt uncomfortably full.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “Stop.” She tried to bring her legs together, but he was between them, and she couldn’t. When she brought her hands up to protect herself, she slapped them away with his free hand.

Then he pushed deeper, and she felt his actual *hand* start to push into her fuckhole.

She went crazy. “What are you doing? It feels wrong!” Actually, it felt very good indeed, but it was freaking her out.

He smiled. “It’s called fisting, baby,” he said. “Seeing as you apparently don’t want my cock in your holes, I’m going to do something else to them.”

She wiggled, without result. “It hurts,” she said. And it did, though it was a good hurt.

“I don’t give a fuck,” he said. “This is about what’s fun for *me*. And I think I’ll enjoy stretching your pussy out until it’s nice and loose.”

Her eyes went wide. “No!” she wailed. “No! I won’t be able to – people will know, and…”

“Oh, are you worried your some-day husband will find your pussy all stretched and know that you’re a whore?” laughed Aaron. “But clearly you think that’s preferable to being fucked in the ass.”

He pushed his hand deeper. Now his whole hand was inside her – or rather, his whole fist…

“Stop!” she cried. “Take it out!” Actually, she wanted him to maybe fuck it in and out a bit – she thought she might cum if he just pressed it on her G-spot a bit more – but the idea of having her pussy stretched was driving her mad with fear. “Please!” And then she changed her voice, into a sexy little-girl voice, and said, “I’m sorry, daddy. Please fuck my ass. Please. I was a silly girl. Please fuck my ass, daddy.”

He laughed – but he pulled his fist out of her cunt. She almost orgasmed as it came out, and she couldn’t help herself making a slutty little pathetic noise.

“Get on all fours like the bitch you are,” he told her, and she did, without complaining. She even wiggled her ass at him a little, to look eager – and a moment later, moaned with humiliation as he spit on her anus to lubricate it, and then gasped as he slowly pushed his cock into her butt.

She decided afterwards that orgasming from anal sex was the most humiliating thing she had ever done. He was actually quite gentle with her, slow and soft, careful not to damage her on her first time, and afterwards she was so grateful – and so spacey from her orgasms – that she actually kissed him, and heard herself saying, “Thank you, daddy. I love you, daddy.”

“Good girl,” he said, as he held her. “And I want to make it clear from now on, you will do *whatever* I say, or the fist will go back into your whore cunt, and that will just be the start, and we’ll work you up to the point you can stuff a whole wine bottle in there…”

And she knew that he absolutely meant it, so that was the last time she resisted him.

“What do you want to do with me next, daddy?” she asked, as she cuddled him.

“Well, first of all, I think you need to stop wearing panties,” he told her. “I want you to get used to feeling like a secret slut in every social setting. And I’ve told some of my friends that you’re good at sucking cock, so I’m going to bring some of them next time so you can give them a turn. And after that, maybe we’ll find out if you’ve got any taboos about lesbians – I know a couple of girls who would just *love* to play with that pretty pussy of yours…”

Those ideas were disgusting, and she hated them. And she hated *him* for doing them to her. So when her cunt got suddenly very, very wet, and she found herself pushing her naked cunt against Aaron’s cock, forcing it inside her, and fucking him until he ejaculated unprotected into her pussy, she told herself that she’d done it to try and convince him to have mercy on her….

… and she very almost believed it….


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