Adriana had an overwhelming crush on Mr Kerr, and besides, she was naturally submissive, so when he asked her to move in “subject to his house rules”, she just said yes without asking questions.

She had some doubts when she discovered she would be kept nude at all times; and even more doubts when he told her she was not going to be his girlfriend, but rather his pet. But he was commanding, and it felt good to obey, and the humiliation honestly made her a little wet, even as she felt ashamed of herself for accepting such a degrading arrangement.

But then she discovered she wasn’t his only pet. He already had a nude big-titted blonde called Emily who was crawling around the house on all fours. Mr Kerr left her with Emily, and went to work.

“I hope you understand,” said Emily sweetly, when Mr Kerr was gone, “that I was here first, so you’re to be submissive to me, and follow any of my orders that don’t contradict the Master’s.”

“So I’m not even his most *important* pet?” Adriana wailed.

“Honey,” said Emily, lifting Adriana’s tits to inspect them critically, and then parting her legs to view her cunt, “*I’m* not even his most important pet. He has a male German Shepherd called Duke. Duke is *far* more important than us. Duke gets to sleep in the *house*.”

“We don’t sleep in the *house*?” cried Adriana.

“Bitches have kennels, honey,” said Emily. She flicked Adriana’s clitoris playfully with one finger, making Adriana jump. “You can share mine, as long as you’re good with that tongue of yours. Master said I could use you as my new pussy slave.” She laughed, and tweaked Adriana’s nipple. “And you should consider yourself lucky to be taking orders from *me*, because we’re lower in the hierarchy than Duke – and when Duke doesn’t get what he wants, he can be *really* mean….”


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