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When the other actress landed the “newcomer” spot in the acclaimed director’s new film, Scarlett was outraged. She was a better and more convincing actress in every way, she claimed

She would do anything, she said, except fuck someone, in order to get the part. 

The director took her at her word, and gave her a challenge. She would go completely nude for 48 hours while going through a busy schedule of public activity he prepared for her, and no matter how offended or humiliated she became, she would act cheerful, friendly, make no attempt to cover herself, and thank each person who interacted with her no matter what the interaction was. That, he thought, was a worthy challenge of her acting.

Proud, stubborn and silly as she was, she took him up on it. Shopping for lingerie in the nude was embarrassing; shopping for sex toys was worse. She summoned all her talent to smile cheerily as onlookers wolf-whistled and called her a slut, and thank them for it.

When people started filming her she almost broke. She knew footage of her nude would end up on the internet, forever tied to her name. But this movie would make her career, and was it really any worse than a nude scene?

She went to the beach nude, sunbathing with her big tits on display. She did yoga in the park nude, stretching her cunt wide for the audience that by then was following her.

That night she went clubbing nude, dancing naked in a press of groping, aroused bodies. Afterwards, as she left the club, she was pulled into an alleyway and gang-raped by strangers.

This was the real test of her acting, she knew – to keep smiling cheerfully as they fucked her hard against the wall, squeezing her tits painfully and laughing at her. To make no effort to cover herself. To thank them genuinely for each time they slapped her, pushed her down, and spurted their cum into her cunt or mouth or anus. At the end, broken and covered in cum, she was so proud she had acted so well.

The director didn’t give her the part, though. He had hired the rapists, and had the whole thing expertly filmed. He told her if she didn’t fuck him, he’d release it in cinemas. 

Defeated, she fucked him, letting him treat her as his whore for a humiliating 24 hour marathon of abuse.

Afterwards, he released the film anyway.


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