Don’t be alarmed!

Between 6 January and 9 January 2022 I’m doing an administrative reconciliation of memberships. This means that if you are a member who currently has access to membership content, but your membership is not currently paid up, you may lose access to ATR content on Dropbox.

I’m only cutting off people who are not only overdue, but whose two week “overdue” period has expired. If you’re being cut off, you should previously have received an automated email from my system telling you that your membership has expired.

I haven’t done one of these for months, so in many cases the people getting cut off have enjoyed several months of free membership after their expiry. You’re welcome – that’s on the house!

If you lose access to Dropbox during this period, and believe that you are still a paid-up member, please send a copy of your last membership receipt to and let me know what email address / Dropbox account you use for accessing content, and I’ll sort it out.

Otherwise – now is a great time to renew your membership!

(Click here to view memberships in the ATR store.)

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