Ten Vocab Hacks To Arouse Your Boyfriend (Number Six Will Drive Him Wild!)

As the world’s media slowly merged into a series of monolithic megacorporations, it was unsurprising that eventually all the top sites for teen girls ended up owned by a single man with very specific ideas about how girls should behave. 

Their readers, uninterested in the politics of media control, never noticed the change, and just kept following the advice of their favourite sites, even as that advice became more and more suspect….

The following article was published on the popular teen website Slutbunny in January 2028.


Hey girls – does your boyfriend openly compare the size of your tits to those of other girls? Does he make you pretend to be your friends or sisters when he fucks you and call you by their names when he cums? Does he hire prostitutes and fuck them while you watch because paying for a plastic-titted bimbo is more attractive than using you for free?

That’s all normal and natural – us girls know we’re basically worthless interchangeable cunts, right? But we’d all like a little more male attention – in fact, in a perfect world we’d be stuffed with men’s cocks 24/7, right?

Well, the good news is you can be the focus of men’s lust with something as simple as few changes to the way you talk! That’s right – a quick makeover of your vocabulary can be all it takes to get your boyfriend to rip your clothes off and start filling you with his cum! Try these simple tricks!

1) “Pussy” is out – “Rapehole” is in

Girls – don’t call it your pussy. Sluts may be domestic animals, but our genitals aren’t. Try calling it your “rapehole” – and get him to do the same! “Rapehole” provides a constant reminder of what your fucktunnel is for – and lets him know that consent isn’t necessary to give you the fucking you were born for!

2) Men have “mouths”, girls have a “face cunt”

Stop suggesting your face is the equal of a man’s. Men don’t care about you speaking, eating or breathing. As far as they’re concerned, your lips exist to wrap around their cocks – and is there really any other relevant perspective? Calling it your “face cunt” helps you remember exactly why you’re alive – and gives him a fun suggestion of how to spend quality time with you!

3) Your name is “cunt”

Girls – you need to stop adding to your man’s mental workload. Why are you making him remember your name? Why does it remotely matter what your parents named you? Just encourage him to call you “cunt”. You’ll see immediate improvements in how relaxed he is around you!

4) “Girls”, “sluts” or “bitches”

Seriously – stop saying “women”. No matter how old we are, our gender will only ever be “girls” – our brains simply don’t reach the same level of maturity as men. But even better than that, refer to girls as “sluts” – reminding everyone that our primary purpose is sex – or “bitches” – because we’re not people, we’re animals, right?

5) “Rape” not “sex”

Your language may be putting unnecessary barriers in the way of getting fucked! Don’t call it sex – call it rape. “Honey, would you like to rape me?” “I’m so horny and I need to be raped.” It’s a great vocab hack because it makes it clear your pleasure and consent aren’t important – he can just do exactly what he wants with you, when he wants, and no more. Oh, and if you’re still calling it “making love”, get with the times!

6) What does he love about you?

Romance movies have a lot to answer for! If you’ve grown up expecting a man will say “I love you”, you need to let go of those toxic fantasies! Love is what you give him, not what he gives you. Instead of looking for that “big L”, instead encourage your man to focus on what parts of you get his cock hard, or what he likes doing with you. Replace “I love you” with “I love your rapehole”, or “I love slapping your face”, or “I love fucking you while you’re crying”. Those are the *real* phrases that should give you that happy gooey feeling!

7) Disagreement is *your* problem

Girls, stop saying “no”. Stop arguing with men. If he asks if you want your tits slapped, and you don’t want them slapped, then there’s something wrong with *you*, not him. So instead of saying “no”, try saying, “I’m too dumb to say yes.” If you think your boyfriend’s wrong about something, don’t correct him – instead say, “I’m too stupid to understand why you’re right.” 

8) Better names for your tits

Okay, so you’re fashionable enough to not call them breasts – but we can do better that “tits”. “Tits” comes from “teats”, which are the milk-organs of an animal – so maybe just call them “udders” to remind everyone you’re a sub-human milk-producer? Alternatively “rapehandles” will shows that it’s okay to pull on your tits violently and painfully while raping you, which is every modern girl’s dream!

9) Say no to “thought” and “brains”

Girls don’t have brains, just heads. And we certainly don’t have thoughts – just “head noises”! They’re distracting and irrelevant and we should shut them out. Ugh, I wish I had no head noises at all!

10) Degrading adjectives (describing words) add flavour!

If you’re a good girl you may never have learned what an “adjective” is. It’s a describing word! And adding a degrading “describing word” before any noun (thing) that’s associated with a girl will make you sound a hundred percent sexier! So instead of girl, say “slutty girl”. Instead of bitch, say “dumb bitch”. Instead of rapehole, say “whorish wet rapehole”. Instead of rapehandles, say “ridiculous cow-like rapehandles”. Get into the habit of doing this automatically, and you’ll be an instant hit with men everywhere!


So girls – get out there and show your boyfriend your pleasing new speaking habits… and get ready to be raped silly when he loves them! 

Do you have other vocab hacks for the modern girl? What speaking habits are working to get *you* raped on a daily basis? Write in and let the Slutbunny editorial team know!


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