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Rikki loved her father. He had always treated her right, protected her and given her good advice, and her greatest regret was not always living up to his hopes for her. So for his 40th birthday, she arranged him a special present.

She thought he’d be delighted. She explained how she had arranged to have hypnotherapy – for months and months she’d been repeatedly exposed to suggestions telling her to be exactly the daughter her father wanted her to be, to work hard to live up to his expectations no matter how difficult it was for her. 

“I’m going to be exactly the daughter my beloved daddy wants!” she explained, hugging him excitedly.

But her father’s face was horrified, not excited, and soon she understood why. Her father explained that he was not *technically* her father – her parents had never told her, but her *biological* father was the infamous serial rapist Sam Daniel Luther, who had abducted, raped, degraded and impregnated Rikki’s mother.

Rikki ran away in tears from that conversation, but she couldn’t help herself. She needed to be a good daughter for her father, even if he was Sam Daniel Luther… so she looked him up.

There was a good book on him in the local library. He’d raped nearly a hundred women over ten years before being caught, making him the subject of several lurid biographies. 

She found a passage in it, in which Luther was directly quoted:

“I bet I’ve got about forty daughters out there, with all them bitches I raped. I bet I knocked up their fertile slutty wombs and they kept them babies to remind them how much they’d liked being treated like the cum-dumps there were.”

“Yeah, and I hope all those little whore-ettes grow up to be good little rapebait bimbos. I hope they hear what happened to their mammies and it makes them wet. I hope they dye their hair blonde and get big fake tits and slut around in prostitute outfits. I hope they cocktease every man they meet till he rapes them, and cry all through the sex, except their stupid little twats are wet from the moment he first slaps them and they orgasm three times for every one of his, and they lie there afterwards licking his cum from their fingers and thanking him for treating them right.” 

“I hope they get off on pain and on feeling worthless. I hope they enjoy walking around in public with fresh cum on their face. I hope their mammies name them something like Rapedoll or Fuckface or if not that they change their name to that themselves when they’re old enough. I hope they say no to birth control so they can pop out a new generation of sluts, one a year. And I hope they each and every one look me up and show me in person what good daughters they are.”

Rikki felt her mind go blank as she read. She tried to close the book, but her hands held it open, and she read that passage again and again. Part of her brain tried to scream, to tell her that she didn’t have to be a good daughter, not for this man, not like this. But she knew she did, and she was already calculating how she’d pay for a boob job, how she’d cocktease the man she’d thought was her father until he raped her, whether she’d choose Fuckbags or Rapebunny as her new name, and how she’d manage to get an overnight visit at her real father’s prison so that he could rape and impregnate her while she cried and orgasmed…


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