When she got the job with the intelligence agency, she thought she would be doing glamorous spy work, but instead she was given the role of “DNA sampler”. The job was simple – the department would identify a male suspect, Franceska would go out, seduce the man, get him to cum inside her, and then return to the agency to have the cum scraped out of her and analysed.

She found it humiliating. She suspected they didn’t even need her to do this, that it just amused them to have her fuck random men unprotected. She wasn’t even allowed to take birth control – she was told it would interfere with the samples. She was required as far as possible to arrange for her sexual liasions to be filmed, for verification purposes, and she suspected that these films were shared around the men at the offices for their entertainment.

When she protested to her manager, they stripped her naked right there in the middle of the office, to make sure she hadn’t been compromised by an enemy, that she wasn’t wearing a wire. She stood there, shivering and nude, in front of her co-workers, trying unsuccessfully to cover her tits, cunt and ass at the same time with her hands.

“If you don’t like the job of collecting cum from suspects,” her manager told her icily, “we can reassign you. After all, we sometimes require urine samples too…”

She lowered her eyes and said, in a small voice, that she would be a good girl. Her manager smiled, and dismissed her. 

She was not given back her clothes.


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