Sarah and Gwyn made a cute lesbian couple, but Gwyn had a hang-up about public displays of affection. Whenever Sarah tried to kiss her in public, Gwyn would push her away.

“Sarah,” she would protest loudly. “Don’t be a *slut*. Our sexuality isn’t to entertain *others*. It’s almost like you *want* to be a giant cocktease to all the boys we know.”

It humiliated Sarah, and it hurt, too. She didn’t want to be Gwyn’s little shameful secret. She wanted the world to know that she and Gwyn were lovers.

That was why she started surreptitiously setting up cameras to record every time she and Gwyn fucked. The cameras uploaded to a password-locked website. At first, the website wasn’t shared with others. No one but Sarah knew, and it was Sarah’s secret, to soothe her the next time that Gwyn pulled away from her in public.

Over time, Sarah’s secret expanded. Sarah would also tape conversations she had with Gwyn where Gwyn discussed her sexual fantasies in explicit details. She would ask Gwyn to pose for supposedly private photo shoots. And the recordings and the photos went straight to the website.

But it wasn’t enough. After a year of dating, almost no one realised that they were an item, and Gwyn still hadn’t introduced Sarah to her parents. Gwyn even had friends who didn’t know that she was a lesbian at all – and she pandered to them, even going so far as to flirt with boys that she knew, so that they would think she was heterosexual.

It was too much for Gwyn. She wanted everyone to know that Gwyn loved her – and more, that the two of them *fucked*, like bunnies, when Gwyn thought that no one was watching. 

So, one by one, Sarah began to seduce the men in Gwyn’s life. She would hold their hard cocks, and tell them that they could watch Gwyn fucking her, if only they promised not to reveal the secret. And then she would give them access to the website, so they could watch and masturbate to Gwyn’s every lesbian encounter.

The best bit was watching their eyes the next time they met Gwyn. There was a different look on their faces – smug, predatory. Gwyn was no longer their friend – she was their sex fantasy. 

Now it was Sarah who had the secret – while Gwyn had no secrets at all.

It made Sarah feel powerful. It made her feel aroused.

Sarah wondered, if she drugged Gwyn, how much Gwyn’s friends might pay to fuck Sarah’s girlfriend while she slept…


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