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Her puritan mother had been merciless in trying to stop her daughter being a modern whore, obsessed with material things. Even long before Jessa had sexually developed, if she was caught looking longingly at a pretty dress, or shyly watching a boy, her mother would slap her hard on the face and yell, “You can’t think with your brain if you’re thinking with your whore’s cunt.”

It was a phrase yelled at Jessa so often that it embedded in her brain, and played on a loop in many of Jessa’s dreams. In the end it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once she grew up, it plagued Jessa’s sexuality. Whenever she became aware of her own arousal, she would hear the voice, “You can’t think with your brain if you’re thinking with your whore’s cunt”, and her ability to form complex thought would shut down. 

At first it would only happen when Jessa was in private – in her bedroom, in the bathroom, on the toilet. Her brain would shut down, and she would just masturbate like a slut until she found her orgasm and her thoughts cleared.

But as time went on the pressures of life made it hard to satisfy her needs on a regular schedule. On one occasion, after becoming horny in the bathroom while late for work, she made it all the way to outside her office before realising she hadn’t dressed, and was completely nude. The realisation made her wet with shame, and then her thoughts switched off again and she started masturbating in public outside her workplace.

When she felt an arm on her shoulder, and a male voice said, “Come inside, Jessa,” she was so pathetically grateful. Someone was doing her thinking for her. It was one of her co-workers, and he led her inside to a private room, where she could finish her masturbation away from the crowd. She didn’t even care that he pointed his phone at her and filmed her finding her orgasm. He asked her why she was a slut, and she said, “When I get horny I think with my whore’s cunt, and then I can’t think with my brain at all.”

“Every time?” he asked her.

“Always,” she said. “I go dumb whenever I get wet.”

Once her brain cleared, she felt dreadfully slutty and guilty. She still didn’t have any clothes. Her co-worker promised he would find some, and left, and she waited there naked in the room, trying to cover herself.

When he returned, though, he didn’t have clothes. Instead he had brought more of her male co-workers. The shock and shame made her wet again, and once again her mind went blank. 

This time there was the comfort of a male voice telling her what to do. “Come here, Jessa,” it said. “And suck our cocks. And after you’re done, we’re just going to inject a little slow-release aphrodisiac implant into your arm, so you won’t ever think with your brain again. Because there’s a market for videos of sluts like you having all sorts of things done to them, and we’re going to make you a star…”


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