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Jenna and Kinsy were twins – and while they weren’t physically identical, they were completely united in their contempt for everything LGBTIQ+. Their father had left their mother when the girls were young, coming out of the closet as secretly gay, and ever since, their mother Andrea had been a prominent anti-gay crusader, inculcating her daughters with a deep hatred and disgust for anything gay or queer.

Andrea’s protest career came to a halt, however, when she punched a teenaged lesbian at a protest rally and sent the girl to hospital. Andrea was arrested, tried, and sentenced to two years in prison.

Jenna and Kinsy were 18, and competent to live alone, sustained by generous donations from Andrea’s friends in the anti-gay movement. However, a month after their mother went to prison, a note arrived in their letterbox. The note explained that their mother was sharing a cell with three *very* butch dykes, that they did *not* appreciate Andrea’s political views, and that if Jenna and Kinsy wanted their mother to survive jail, the girls were going to have a very *special* event when they turned 19 in two weeks’ time….

Which was how Jenna and Kinsy arrived at their 19th birthday party. They had invited almost everyone they knew – family members, friends, co-workers, former teachers – and their large house was packed. They had hired party organisers to welcome people, feed them, and run the event until the majority of the guests had gathered – and now it was time for Jenna and Kinsy to make their entrance.

The girls descended the grand stairs from their bedroom, blushing – even though no one in the party could see anything unusual yet. Both girls were wearing something very like a tennis outfit or cheerleader uniform – a very short pleated blue-and-white skirt, and a tight sports-style tit-hugging blue and white top, that exposed their belly. Both girls had their hair styled and make-up done.

One of the reasons they were blushing is that neither girl was wearing underwear. Another is that both had dripping wet cunts, after hours and hours of masturbation without release leading up to this event. But the main reason was because of what they knew they were about to do.

“Hi everyone!” said Jenna. “Welcome to our 19th birthday! We’re so glad you could all make it! We’re going to start things off by having our birthday cakes!” Her voice was shaking a little.

The waiters brought out two covered plates and placed them on a long table covered in lacy white tablecloth. As the girls approached, the waiters removed the covers and revealed the cakes.

There were some surprised gasps, and mutters. The cakes themselves were normal enough – moist chocolate cake, topped with multiple layers of whipped cream and soft icing. But the decorations on the cake were unusual. On Kinsy’s cake, in pink icing, was the word “SLUT”. On Jenna’s was the word “WHORE”. And each cake featured a little picture, crafted expertly in icing, of the relevant sister. Jenna’s was recognisably Jenna, and Kinsy’s was recognisably Kinsy – and both pictures showed the girls completely nude, tits bare, cunts spread.

Jenna giggled, a silly noise, not knowing how else to react.

“These are really nice cakes,” she said. “Very appropriate. And now we’re going to eat them in a way that’s very appropriate to who we are.”

This was the bit she didn’t want to do. But she had to, to protect her mother.

She turned around, her back to the cake. Kinsy did the same.

Then both girls lifted the back of their tiny skirt, and sat down on their cake.

Jenna winced as she felt her naked ass crush the soft, moist cake. She felt whipped cream squirt up her butt crack and between her legs. She felt cake push into her asshole, and smear across her sopping pussy mound. She felt the food filling the space between her butt-cheeks in a way that felt erotic and obscene.

She heard the crowd gasp, and some people call out incoherently in protest. Jenna looked across at Kinsy, and saw her sister’s face bright red with shame and humiliation. She was feeling the same feelings as Jenna – experiencing the cake pressing against her anus and cunt.

But they weren’t done. Jenna lifted the front of her dress, baring her cunt to the crowd, and then spread her pussy lips, and deliberately pushed a handful of cake up her fuckhole. Kinsy did likewise. Then she lifted her shirt, exposing her bra-less tits and began smearing cake all over her fuckmelons.

By now some of the crowd were turning away in disgust – even as others watched with avid interest. Some had their phones out and were filming. 

Jenna jumped up off the cake, went over to her sister, and helped her down. They stood there, bare tits facing each other. 

“Happy birthday, Kinsy,” she said – and leaned forward and kissed her sister on the lips.

It disgusted her deep down to share this thrice-sinful kiss with her sister – a lesbian kiss, an incestuous kiss, and a public kiss – but the instructions had been very explicit. And to her surprise, her sister kissed her back quite forcefully. Jenna couldn’t tell if it was just that her sister was humiliated, and eager to get it over with, or whether her wet pussy was overruling her morals.

After a long kiss, Jenna pulled back. She put her hand in Kinsy’s hair, and brought Kinsy’s face down towards her tits. She flinched as her sister extended her tongue and licked Jenna’s nipple, but then was unable to avoid sighing with pleasure as Kinsy’s tongue began to lick the cake from Jenna’s tits.

There were hoots and catcalls from the crowd at this point. “Lesbian sister sluts!” called someone from their school appreciatively. “God, they’re total whores,” cried someone else. “Hey, make sure you’re filming this! These bitches are putting on a sex show!” yelled a third.

When Kinsy had licked all the cake off Jenna’s tits, Jenna returned the favour. She was deeply flushed now. Her pussy had been wet to start with. The feeling of cake against her privates was so obscene it was hard to take her mind off the sensations in her groin. And Kinsy’s tongue across her nipples had been – stimulating. She gave back as good as she got, licking and biting at Kinsy’s nipples, sucking on them, and running her tongue slowly across her sister’s titflesh to catch every scrap of cake and cream.

Then came the even worse bit. The sisters got down on the floor and took a 69 position, Kinsy underneath, Jenna on top, cunt to mouth and mouth to cunt. They each pushed their face into their sister’s pussy, and began to eat their birthday cake like disgusting lesbian sluts.

Jenna went wild from almost the first moment Kinsy’s tongue touched her fuckhole. It was so lewd, so forbidden, so humiliating, that she couldn’t think straight. She felt her body convulse, and a sudden wetness at her pussy, and realised with horror that she had orgasmed – with a cunt stuffed full of cake – from having her whore-hole licked by her own sister. And even worse, that it had caused her to *squirt* on her own sister’s face!

The degradation just made her cum again, harder, and then Kinsy came a moment later and it turned out that Jenna’s sister was a squirter too. The ejaculate sprayed directly into Jenna’s mouth, and she swallowed, and kept licking – and then both sisters orgasmed together.

Somewhere inside her, Jenna was grateful that her body was enjoying her sister so much – because the note had made it clear they were going to invite friends round to watch them do this every weekend from now until their mother was released, so Jenna was going to get lots of chances to eat her sister’s pussy. The two girls were probably going to end up with video of them doing this freely available on the internet, with their names attached, and they were likely to get a reputation as the world’s sluttiest lesbian twins. 

But first, of course, once Jenna had used her tongue to dig every scrap of cake out of her sister’s pussy and anus, and after Kinsy had done the same to her, they were going to put the remainder of the cake up their fuckholes, masturbate to orgasm with it inside them, and then dig it out and post it to the jail so their blackmailers could feed it to the twins’ own mother….


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