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Alexa was an economist, and she believed strongly in the principles of a free market.

“For any commodity,” she declared, during a session as guest lecturer at the local university, “the market will, left to its own devices, find the highest and best use for that commodity. For an area of land, if it has more value to the community as high rise apartments than as a park, then the relative prices people will pay to acquire that land for those purposes will reflect that.”

“Furthermore,” she said, “any law that prevents a commodity finding its highest and best use is a distortion of the market, and therefore an unjust law.”

She was very satisfied with that lecture. However, on her way back to her car afterwards, two men grabbed her and dragged her into a black van. They ripped off her clothes, gagged her, forced her legs apart, aimed a video camera at her, and then took turns raping her. They told her they wouldn’t let her go until she’d orgasmed three times, and while at first she struggled and cried, by the time several hours had passed she’d managed to find a sexy space in her head, and was able to enjoy first one orgasm, and then two more in quick succession.

Before they let her go, the men showed her the website they’d been streaming the footage of her rape to. To Alexa’s amazement and shame, nearly ten thousand people around the world had paid to watch her being raped.

And then her rapists told her how much each of those people had paid, and Alexa realised that, even divided three ways, she had generated more money per hour by being raped than she had ever generated as an economist. Her highest and best use was as a rape victim.

“Will they pay as much if I’m willing?” she asked her rapists.

They told her no, that these viewers were paying a premium to see an unwilling victim.

Alexa believed in the free market, so there was only one thing for it. She sucked the cocks of her rapists, by way of thanks, and then set about quitting her job, and making arrangements to see just how many times she could be raped on camera per day, and coming up with a long list of painful and degrading things that could be done to her to ensure that she remained non-consenting…


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